Solar panels can certainly shoulder your household electricity burden and can certainly make for effective power backups but the high cost of installation has deterred them from occupying otherwise misspent rooftops.

Well, that could change very soon!

Researchers at the University of Newcastle in Australia led by Paul Dastoor are in the final stage of testing their printed solar solution. And they are not the only one either.

solar panels

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These printed solar panels use ink to conduct electricity, are less than 0.1mm thick, and can be printed on a massive scale. Also, one major advantage of these panels is that they can create more energy than regular Photo Voltaic cells in low light.

Dastoor believes that in a short period of time, they will be able to print these tiles for less than $8 and the energy produced using these panels will be cheaper than that generated by coal-based fire stations.

The printed solar panels will be presented publicly for the first time in Melbourne next week at Pacprint printing convention. And then these researchers will work with Industrial partners towards making them a household reality.

Solar panels didn’t prove very efficacious in uplifting the socioeconomic status of people in rural India as is pointed out by a paper recently published in Science Advances, but could certainly be of great help in urban and semi-urban Indian cities where random cuts and expensive electricity define the dismal power scenario. They would indeed be a huge help.

Via: Mashable


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