Images of what is claimed to be a dummy version of the newest iPhone from the Cupertino-based company, Apple, are doing the rounds on the Internet, courtesy a horde of images posted by a designer and occasional smartphone leaker named Benjamin Geskin.

The images in question show a physical, CNC-machined unit, and have a become a hot topic for deliberation ever since they first came into the limelight.


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Geskin is of the opinion that the phone has the same thickness and size as the iPhone 7, although it appears thicker than that in the photographs. He has also edited the front of the phone, showing what he thinks the newest iPhone would flaunt display-wise.

The photos also speak of a lighting port and a fingerprint sensor that appears to have been built into the display. In terms of some other specifications, they are reminiscent of what we have been hearing since long.

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In the purported phone, as Geskin mentions, there are 4mm bezels, dual front & dual rear cameras, as well as a 2.5D curved glass on the back and front panel.

The details are yet to be given a second thought and therefore, lack the credibility factor here but it could be in tandem with the specs and the aesthetic details the official one (if it indeed comes out soon) may feature.

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Safe to say, this is yet another ‘news’ of the iPhone 8 on the edge and it is entirely up to you to believe (or not) on it.


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