The Moto G5s is the new affordable phone from Lenovo-owned Motorola. Priced at Rs. 13,999, the G5s is a great value for money proposition (Full Details). This mid-range smartphone comes in an all-metal design with 2.5D glass on top and neatly curved edges on the side.

Metal or no metal, all smartphones are prone to scratches and damages. In order to prevent that we would suggest you use your device safe in a durable case. To help you with that, we have compiled a list of cases that will protect your Moto G5S without making it look hideous.

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Moto G5s Hybrid Case Cover by Fabucare

If you are a rugged user of your phone then the hybrid case will suit your demand. This hard and rigid case cover for your Moto G5S smartphone can handle heavy hold. The cover evenly protects all corners of the phone from scratches, bumps and minor falls. The case has also got a built-in phone stand, which comes handy in long hours of smartphone usage. The down side is that this case will make your phone a bit bulkier.

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Moto G5s Pouch Case by ACM

This leather pouch cover is exclusively designed to keep your Moto G5S smartphone away from physical damage while it’s stacked away. Pouch covers are excellent case covers to keep your handset safe and brand new for a long time. You can also lock your device inside the case, with the help of the given extra flap and the device will stay away from dust and stains.

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Moto G5s Printed Case Cover by iSweven

If you are looking to flaunt your device in some fancy case covers then this is the case for you. This printed case cover for your Moto G5S is a hard, but lightweight panel that sticks well to the back of the phone. The cover perfectly shields all the four corners from damage.

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Moto G5S Transparent Case by SmartLike

This particular case cover for your Moto G5S is an excellent choice if you are in love with the aesthetics of the phone. The crystal clear cover, once on, doesn’t change the looks of the phone much. The cover manages to shield your phone from the accidental threats like scratches, bumps, and damages.

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Moto G5S Hard Cover by Colorcase

Next, we have a hard back cover for your valuable investment, the Moto G5S smartphone. The beauty of this cover is that it doesn’t add much bulk to your smartphone. Its sleek design manages to do a decent job in keeping your phone away from minor mishaps.

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Moto G5S Bumper Case cover by Fad-e

Lastly, we have a bumper transparent case cover for your precious Moto G5S. The cover comes with an extra-cushion on its edges keeping the edges of the phone safe and secure. The hybrid design of the case means that it can even handle heavy loads, and its crystal clear nature ensures that you can admire the curves of the phone even with the case on.

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Moto G5s Tempered Glasses

Your Moto G5S may sport a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, which can resist scratches to an extent, but the screen is still susceptible to scratches. So without any delay, we are introducing some of the tempered glasses that will keep your screen smooth and new.

Moto G5S Tempered Glass by The GiftKart – Buy it From here

Moto G5S Tempered Glass by Johra – Buy it From here

Moto G5S Tempered Glass by Amfin – Buy it From here


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