Best Moto G5s Plus Cases, Back Covers, and Tempered Glasses

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The much-awaited smartphone by Moto, the Moto G5s Plus, is out. The G5s Plus includes an all metal design and a 2.5D glass on top, but from inside it has got some minor tweaks. The phone boasts of a bigger display and has a dual camera setup on the rear (Full Specifications).

If you are planning to invest in this mid-range device, we would advise you to protect it with a rigid case cover. To help you with that we have compiled a list of cases and back covers that will keep your device safe, secure and in brand new condition.

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Moto G5S Plus Transparent Back Cover by Generic

To start with we have a transparent case for your Moto G5S Plus smartphone. The transparent feature of the cover allows you to admire the curves of the phone while protecting it with a case. The cover perfectly adjusts to Moto G5S Plus smartphone, protecting it from all corners and thus, keeping it away from scratches, bumps, and damages.

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Moto G5S Plus Flip Cover by Zocardo

Next, we have a flip cover for your precious Moto G5S Plus smartphone. The cover not only looks after your phone’s body but its screen too. The cover comes with an extra flap that wraps around the screen, keeping the screen as well as the body of the phone brand new. Unlike other cases, the cover also keeps your phone away from dust and stains.

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Moto G5S Plus Back Cover by Zynk Case

The case is an ultra-thin and lightweight back cover for your Moto G5S Plus smartphone. Apart from protecting your phone from daily wear and tear, bumps, and scratches caused by inadvertent drops, the case is also shockproof. The case is made from a special TPU material that protects your phone from finer dust particles.

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Moto G5S Plus Printed Case Cover by DigiPrints

If you would like to give your phone a new look then you can choose from these printed case cover. The seller has got a whole collection of printed case cover exclusively designed for Moto G5S Plus smartphone. The cover certainly adds the protection to your phone while making a impactful style statement.

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Moto G5S Plus Hybrid Case cover by Zynk Case

This case cover is for those who are looking to make their Moto G5S Plus smartphone extra strong. The cover stretches to all four corners of the phone, maintaining a perfect balance and keeping it safe from damages. The phone also comes with a detachable built-in stand, an excellent feature for long smartphone usage.

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Moto G5s Plus Tempered Glasses

The Moto G5S Plus comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to scratches. So, protect it with a reliable tempered glass.

Moto G5S Plus Tempered Glass by NewLike – Buy it From here

Moto G5S Plus Tempered Glass by BlueArmor – Buy it From here

Moto G5S Plus Tempered Glass by Clorox – Buy it From here

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