Lenovo-owned Motorola’s upcoming Moto X4 comes with some intriguing design changes. Moto, this time, has used Corning Gorilla Glass 3 topping on both front and rear.

Although the design looks very refreshing and premium, but we all know how susceptible glass is to scratches, dust, and damage. It’s only mandatory that you use a good quality case right from the start. Below is the list of some of the best cases and back covers that will keep your Moto X4 safe and protected.

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Moto X4 Transparent Case Cover by SmartLike

This case cover is for those who want to admire the beautiful curves of Moto X4 while protecting it inside the casing. The crystal clear look of the phone doesn’t hinder with the aesthetics of the phone and side by side safeguard it from minor scratches, drops and dents. The cover is also flexible enough and you can easily remove and install it on the phone.

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Moto X4 Shockproof Case Cover by Annure

Next up, we have a shockproof case cover for your precious Moto X4. The cover is thin, made from TPU material and has got tactile buttons for natural feedback and easy press. It sticks perfectly to the back of the phone, stretching to all corners of the phone protecting it from possible wear and tear. 

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Moto X4 Bumper Case Cover by Tarkan

If you need something to counterbalance your rugged handling then this case cover is for you. The case truly understands the value of your smartphone and keeps the phone intact and glossy for a long time. As seen in the image above, the case adds hard bumbers to all the four corners, keeping your Moto X4 safe and protected, always.

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Moto X4 Printed Case Cover by Rupana

Want a fancy case for your Moto X4? This is a case you might admire. This case cover is exclusively designed to safeguard your phone from minor mishaps and dust. Also, the quote at the back of the cover makes a very bold statement, every time you flaunt it with the Moto X4.

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Moto X4 Flip Cover by Spirk

Moving on, here we have a flip cover for your Moto X4 smartphone. The advantage of having this cover is that it adds a 360-degree protection to your phone. The cover adds an extra-flip on top of the screen, making sure that your phone’s screen, too, remains new and glossy.

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Moto X4 Fusion Case by Tarkan

Lastly, we have a cover by Tarkan that will keep your Moto X4 intact and brand new. The cover has got transparent back, which means you can still flaunt your phone’s aesthetics while it is on it. The cover includes cushion protection on the edges which ensure impact-resistant edges.

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Moto X4 Tempered Glass

The Moto X4 uses the same Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the front and the back. So the rule of scratches, shatter, and damage applies to the display, also. To safeguard it, we have added some tempered glass for you Moto X4 displays. Feel free to choose one:

Moto X4 Tempered Glass by BlueArmor – Buy it from here

Moto X4 Tempered Glass by Wellpoint – Buy it from here

Moto X4 Tempered Glass by Softline – Buy it from here

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