Apple seems to be making moves to grow its smart home ecosystem with two new device prospects. One of them could be Apple TV Box getting a camera and a speaker integration while the other a Siri-backed Smart Display. The first gadget would enhance the current Apple TV offering whilst the latter seems to be more of a stab at Google’s Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show or even the infamous Facebook Portal.

The new details from Bloomberg also divulge that last year, the Cupertino-based brand consolidated the HomePod engineering team with that of Apple TV. Even the base software has been incorporated. Also recently, the company discontinued its top trim HomePod. So, those resources could be channeled towards improving the Apple TV. And as such, the purported Apple TV Box could feature a HomePod solution baked in along with a camera system for video calls.

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Echo Show 10’s swiveling screen

Speaking of videos, the Smart Display idea is although not novel, but ever more relevant in the new normal life. This device, according to the report, could look like an iPad connected to a speaker by a robotic arm. If it gets designed so, it would pan the screen to keep the user in the frame, much like how the Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) does.

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Lastly, the Mark Gurman penned report underlines how both these designs are still in the early stages. So, it’s advised to keep your expectations in check. However, if all of these works out well, these wares should act as a much-needed stimulus to Apple’s smart home ecosystem goals. What do you think?


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