Prime Video Profiles is live

Amazon Prime Video now offers user profiles just like Netflix and YouTube TV. This lets each household member have their own watchlist, viewing progress and recommendations.

It currently supports up to six user profiles (including Kids Profile) within a single Amazon account. Speaking of support, here are the officially compatible devices:

  1. Mobile/Tablet (Android and iOS)
  2. Web (Desktop, mobile web, and mShop)
  3. Fire Tablets (Gen 10 and above)
  4. Apple TV Gen 2 & 3 (only profile creation supported a.t.m)
  5. Chromecast
  6. Fire TV
Prime Video Profiles is live

Do note that Prime Video profile creation and management is currently not supported on the following devices:

  1. Fire TV home screen experience.
  2. Alexa devices with a screen.
  3. Living Room Devices (save for Chromecast, Apple Gen 2/3 models).
  4. Fire Tablet Gen 9 tablets and below.
Prime Video Profiles is live
Only age-restricted (up to the age of 12) content

Now, although the list above claims mobile platforms too when we checked the feature isn’t yet there on the app, Android one at least. That said, first of all, we expect it to roll out soon.

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Secondly, here’s a quick workaround to access Prime Video Profile on Mobile:

Just open the from your mobile browser. We tried it on a Chromium browser. Check out the screenshots –

Additionally, if and when the Profiles appear on Prime Video app, follow these steps to create user profiles:

  • Tap on the ‘My Stuff’ option on the bottom bar of the Prime Video app.
  • You’ll be in the ‘My Stuff’ section. Just click on the ‘+’ icon to create a new profile.

This is how it will reportedly work. We couldn’t test it for the obvious reason. Nevertheless, when it’s live, we will update the article with respective screenshots.

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In India, Prime Video is available for Rs. 999 a year. The new feature makes it even more streamlined for family usage.

Is the feature out in your region? Do let us know down in the comments.



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