Amazon added another app, dubbed as the Internet, to its portfolio. The app is a simple, light Browser that lets Android users browse the content of the world wide web. It weighs just 2MB and consumes minimal storage and data.

What differentiates Amazon Internet from other browsers is that it doesn’t ask for unnecessary permission or collect private data. The app is available for download via Google Play as “Internet: fast, lite and private”, and is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above. However, the app still isn’t isn’t compatible with most of our devices.

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Amazon Internet App Features

The browsing app from Amazon comes with a home screen that shows news pieces from across the sections like politics, sports, entertainment, etc. The Internet app also integrates features like tab previews, fullscreen mode Besides, and an option to switch to “Private Tabs” to let users hide browsing history from their devices.

Since the file size is just 2MB, it gives the Amazon Internet App an upper hand over dominant Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers that are 21MB, 19.9MB and 14.7MB in size, respectively.

Although the app is said to work on devices with Android 5.0 and above, we weren’t able to download it on our devices that are running on Android Oreo.

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Anyways, this isn’t the first Lite app from Amazon for developing markets like India. The e-commerce giant previously announced a Kindle Lite App, a toned down version of its e-book Kindle app. The app is designed to pass on a seamless reading experience on the budget devices without eating disk space.

Like Amazon, other techies are also focusing on Lite-er apps to extend their reach to the grass root level. Facebook offers Facebook Lite and Messanger Lite whereas Google recently announced YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Google Go, and Google Maps Go for its trimmed down Android (Oreo) Go platform.

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