Adobe VoCo: Photoshop for Audio


Software pioneer Adobe shared a sneak peek into its new software VoCo that has been successfully kept under wraps so far. At the Adobe Max conference, Adobe developer Zeyu Jin took the center stage to explain about this new experimental tool.

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So what does VoCo really do?

The VOCO is a Photoshop like audio editing tool by Adobe that let you insert a new word or replace an existing word in the original track. Edited word will be generated in original speakers voice.


How does it work?

Well, the Project VoCo requires about 20 minutes long audio track to understand voice samples of a person. The software analyzes the track, splits it up in phonemes, and then transcribes it, followed by the development of a voice model. Once this is done, VoCo thoroughly understands your voice. You can simply type the word you want to add and you are done.projectvoco6

This new software raises a big question mark on the possibility of misuse of this tool to unethically doctor a person’s speech. Having said that, if we only focus on technical advancement, it is sort of big breakthrough which no one has managed to achieve thus far.

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Adobe is also working on two different projects, named Project Quick Layout and VR Editing Tool. The first one makes it less taxing to edit print layouts whereas the VR editing tool helps do the same job in a more immersive VR mode.


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