YouTube experimenting skipping videos if you use ad blockers

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Google has been cracking down on ad blockers to push people towards buying a premium subscription on YouTube. It started with the shutting down of YouTube Vanced in 2022 and it is still ongoing. We just heard from some of the Reddit users that YouTube now skips a video altogether that has an adblocker engaged.

When we tested it we found it to be true. Turns out that if you have an ad blocker installed, YouTube will lead you to the end of the video without playing it at all. Irrespective of how many times you try to replay a video from the beginning, it will lead you to the end of the video. If you try to fast-forward to some parts of the video, you will end up in endless buffering which is probably how YouTube is trying to thwart users bypassing ads through any means possible.

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Several Reddit users came up with different observations. For instance, a user said that the volume on a YouTube video dropped to zero and no matter how many times they tried jacking it up, it would go back to zero in a second. This is probably a widespread issue on YouTube as Google tries to crack down on users bypassing ads while the users intend to use countless workarounds to get ahead instead of buying a YouTube Premium subscription which at this point, feels unworthy given many other streaming platforms have promising content to view.

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For instance, using a VPN and switching to an Albanian server bypasses Ads on YouTube altogether. This is probably because YouTube doesn’t support the Albanian language just yet. We tried this hack and it does work.

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Another workaround is by using uBlock Origin as it can bypass this video skipping mechanism on YouTube. Do note that even though some of these hacks work in most cases, YouTube has clearly learned from it’s past and will try to plug these loopholes as and when it gains traction so beware.

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