After about a month of beta testing, Xiaomi’s Android One smartphone, Mi A1, started receiving Oreo update at the start of this year. The rollout, however, has been temporarily suspended due to some issues cropping up in updated phones.

Issues cropping up with OTA updates are quite common across all brands and software ecosystems and Xiaomi will eventually even out the kinks in subsequent updates.

All issues with Mi A1 Oreo Update

There are several issues with the Oreo update that users are reporting and Xiaomi has acknowledged a few of these. The complaints about Mi A1 Oreo update include:

  • Lag in the Camera App
  • Unresponsive navigation buttons
  • Irregular adaptive brightness
  • Dial app lag and stuttering
  • Swipe gestures on Fingerprint sensor not working

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How to fix Dialer app getting hanged on Mi A1 after Oreo update

One of the issues that Xiaomi has acknowledged is the unresponsive dialer app. It has also offered a workaround for temporarily fixing the issue.

According to Xiaomi, MyJio app is responsible for the App Not Responding (ANR) pop up in the Dialer. The issue is prevalent on phones that have granted all permissions to MyJio app.

To Fix the issue you can either uninstall the MyJio app or toggle off the ‘Telephone’ permission for the app. To do so, you can long press the App icon and select App Info. Now select Permissions and toggle off the button next to ‘Telephone’.

Android Oero update on Mi A1 will resume after a couple of weeks when Xiaomi will roll out a permanent fix for the issue.

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