Vyng Video Ringtone for Android Phone

Vyng, a California-based company has launched their video ringtone application in India. The PAN India release is following a successful test launch in selected regions. Read further to know how to use it, other details and links.

It was launched in early 2017, and since then over 2 billion Vyngs have played on lock screens across the globe.Vyng has successfully built its presence in 174 countries including India, USA, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia to name a few.

How does it work?

Vyng’s technology surfaces content stored in a user’s smartphone over the lock screen when the user gets a call. Put another way, you can set a video as a custom ringtone with every call. Indian users can browse Bollywood videos and set them as a video ringtone on their phone. Additionally, you may upload your own personal videos to use as the ringtone.

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Vyng Video Ringtone for Android

Speaking at the launch, Paul Kats, CEO of Vyng said,

“Being an android dominated userbase, India has become the largest market for us. People here love custom ringtones and callertunes, which give us an edge to roll out our social features. We expect to continue to see more people in India discover Vyng.”

“Vyng brings a powerful video content experience to what was previously an audio-only
caller ID, creating a new distribution channel for short-form content owners and a more
funway make and get phone calls”, he added.

The company focused on transforming how conversations start on mobile had raised $4 million in a Series A round recently boosting its financial scope.

So far, Vyng works on over 6,000 versions of Android devices. The company has reportedly lined up few patents to enhance the phone call experience for its users.


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