Vivo has introduced the second iteration of its flagship phone NEX in China. The company has already confirmed that they will be bringing a 5G variant of the phone early next year. Now Vivo has showcased a prototype of this 5G smartphone at Xinhua Agency media conference.

Vivo NEX 2 5G variant expected Features

The X50 modem which brings in 5G support has been made available with the latest Qualcomm’s flagship chipset Snapdragon 855. So it is obvious that Vivo NEX 5G will employ this new SoC. Interestingly, the recently launched Vivo NEX Dual display featured the Snapdragon 845 processor.

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Vivo was one the first smartphone manufacturer to jump onto the 5G phone development. It had set up its R&D division at Beijing for designing a 5G prototype back in 2016. Since we already know that 5G phones have issues with signal reception as they use higher frequency bands, the basic schematic of the phone must have got some tweaks to support this new network. Specifically, the antenna design of the phone will undergo a major overhaul as 5G supported devices need multiple antennas to provide an uninterrupted connection.

Coming to the mmWave reception, since the network providers around the world do not have the required infrastructural support to run 5G network yet, Vivo might be resorting to the use of the sub-6 bands for 5G reception on this new mobile thereby decreasing the complications to an extent.

According to the reports making rounds online, this new phone will be launched at the Mobile World Congress to be held in February at Barcelona. It is already known that OPPO and Xiaomi will also be bringing their 5G ready smartphones at the same venue. Samsung is planning to bring a 5G variant to their upcoming flagship Galaxy S10 which is scheduled to launch a week prior to the MWC.


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