The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each year gives us the first glimpses of what new and innovative tech brands have in store for us. This year was no different as from wearables tech to TVs and from robots to smart mirrors, there were loads of interesting tech products on display at the event.

As the event has concluded, we have summed up what we think are the 11 most interesting products showcased at CES 2018.

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Top 11 Interesting Products (Innovative Products) Launched At CES 2018 

1. Vivo In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Phone

Vivo In-display fingerprint sensor

As 18:9 displays became a mainstream feature in 2017, manufacturers had to let go of the front fingerprint sensor and it seems Vivo is the first one to have worked around the issue.

After a year of speculation, Vivo showcased a working prototype that will soon hit mass production. The new fingerprint reader is ‘optical type’ and will use displays backlight to scan your fingers. It will work with AMOLED display phones. Other phones will integrate this Synaptics made in-display fingerprint sensor too.

2. LG Rollable OLED TV

This is future of TV and LG has made it possible. The South Korean giant once again was garnered attention with its 65-inch OLED TV which rolls up like a newspaper. The rollable tv is extremely slim, supports the 4K resolution and delivers vivid and stunning pictures.

All it takes is to press a button on the remote control to roll up or roll down the display. With this unique feature, you can retrace the display enough to size it for various aspect ratio and eliminate black bars from top and bottom while watching movies shot in 21:9 aspect ratio. This LG Display’s innovative TV is expected to hit stores in 2019.

3. Samsung S-Ray

Samsung S Ray

Each year at CES, Samsung comes up with something intriguing under its C-Lab program and this year was no different. Samsung this year showcased a new technology termed as S-Ray that uses ultrasonic modulation to beam sound right into listener’s ears.

As per Samsung, the S Ray technology can be implemented into a Bluetooth speaker, a phone cover or even a neckband. Now, the tech still has to cover a long way before it reaches consumers.

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4. Samsung’s Modular TV: ‘The Wall’samsung-the-wall

Another innovate tech that Samsung showcased at MWC 2018 was its gigantic 146-inch  4K TV which is aptly named as ‘The Wall’. Samsung claims it to be world’s first modular TV. Unlike regular TVs where IPS or OLED screens are used, The Wall depends on MicroLED technology to produce equally mesmerizing pictures on a bigger canvas.

The MicroLED used here is as effective as OLEDs in producing deep blacks and vibrant colors without any backlight. Samsung says with this modular-based TV a consumer can create a TV the exact size of his requirements.

5. Harman MoodRoof

Harman, a brand is known for its audio equipment and car infotainment system entered CES 2018 with an interesting MoodRoof Video screen. This new concept uses a QLED which will be plastered on your car’s roof to take in-car entertainment to the next level. Harman has developed this new technology for self-driving cars as they are fast gaining traction.

The Moodroof will offer dynamic audio programmes with visual content like peaceful, serene photos. This new product claims to analysis passenger’s emotional state, his calendar, location and automatically selects music on the basis of its analysis.

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6. 90 Fun Puppy 1 Suitcase

If you are a frequent flyer than this could potentially bring a smile to your face. The Chinese company 90Fun came up with a smart suitcase that automatically follows you the same way your puppy does. The self-moving suitcase uses Segway’s “gravity adaptive system”.ForwardX CX-1 Suitcase

90 Fun is not the only one. There are other players as well who are working on a similar auto following bags, ForwardX CX-1 and Cowarobot R1 being two notable ones. These suitcase depend on a combination of face-body recognition and depth sensors to achieve the same goal.

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7. Philips SmartSleep

Japanese electronics giant, Philips, showcased its SmartSleep band at the CES 2018. As the name implies, this new Philips’ headband could be the answer to all your sleep troubles. It may not be a dapper but the Philips SmartSleep headband has inbuilt sensors which detect brain activity and share details with a connected app.

When it detects a deep sleep stage, the band will start emitting white noise in a slowly repeating pattern which, according to Philips, will help people sleep better. Phillips further claims that this could boost alertness and user’s ability to focus.

8. Project Linda

Project Linda presents an ambitious prototype piece from Razer, a company popular among gamer. It aims to extend your smartphone into a laptop. This is not entirely a new concept and works similar to Samsung DeX and Microsoft Continuum.

The thing Razor does differently is that the smartphone docs where usually a trackpad fits. It also serves the purpose of a trackpad besides providing brains for this hybrid laptop.

9. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo at CES 2018 showcased its Amazon Echo Show alternative which will be powered by a Google Assistant. The Lenovo Smart Display makes tech more intuitive as it can be commanded by both voice and touch.

It can perform various tasks such as play YouTube videos, show directions on Google Maps, make calls on Google Duo and control other connected smart home devices. Lenovo offers it in two display sizes of 10-inch Full HD screen and an 8-inch 720P HD screen. Both versions come with 10W speakers and the dual mics. There is also a 5 MP front-facing camera for video calls.

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10. Neutrogena Skin360 Scanner

Neutrogena Skin 360 Scanner

Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Neutrogena entered the CES 2018 with a unique product which uses iPhone to warn you against skin issues. The Skin360 Scanner attachment uses 12 LED lights, a 30x magnifier to capture magnified images of your skin and has a moisture detector sensor on board. It then sends that data to AI enabled Skin 360 app to analysis your skin and rates it on a scale of 0 to 100.

Several spas and cosmetic stores are known to use similar scanners but the Skin360 will be a more affordable alternative.

11. L’Oreal UV Sense

Another cosmetic brand L’Oreal attended CES 2018 with a wearable UV Sensor. This tiny little sensor is developed to track your exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The sensor battery-free and has to be glued to your nail for optimum results. 

It comes with replaceable adhesives and is reusable in nature. The wearable sensor is NFC enabled and can be paired with both Android and iOS devices.

Most Innovative products showcased at CES 2018

These were some of the most innovative products showcased at CES this year. Apart from the above-mentioned inventions, we also saw drones that can accommodate human passengers, HTC Vive Pro, Tesla VR Suits, a Selfly phone case that’s basically a drone and a phone case used for clicking selfies, talking mirror, and more.

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