Qualcomm has today announced Pro versions of several mid-range and budget chipsets. Just as the Snapdragon 821 was the Pro variant of Snapdragon 820, the Snapdragon 653 will take after the Snapdragon 652, the Snapdragon 627 will follow Snapdragon 625, and the Snapdragon 427 improves upon the Snapdragon 425.

The prominent changes include higher clock speed for performance cluster and GPU.


The Snapdragon 653 increases the clock frequency of 4 performance Cortex A72 cores from 1.80 GHz to 1.95 GHz. It can also support double the amount of RAM compared to Snapdragon 652 (8GB vs 4GB) and also updates the Modem to X9 LTE. The new Modem supports Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec for more clarity in VoLTE calls.

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The Snapdragon 627 boosts the clock frequency of all 8 Cortex A53 cores to 2.20 GHz (up from 2.0GHz). It also adds Bluetooth 4.2 support and Qualcomm’s TruSignal antenna boost technology to improve cellular reception.

The Snapdragon 427, on the other hand, is very similar to Snapdragon 425, and the only difference is that the X6 LTE modem has been replaced by X9 LTE modem.

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Chipset Snapdragon 653 Snapdragon 627 Snapdragon 427
Cores 1.95 GHz 4x Cortex-A72 and 1.4GHz 4x Cortex-A53 2.20GHz 8 x Cortex A53 1.4GHz x 4 Cortex A53
GPU Adreno 510 Adreno 506 Adreno 308
Process Node 28nm HPM 14nm LPP 28nm LP
Memory 2x 32-bit @ 933MHz



1x 32-bit @ 933MHz



single-channel LPDDR3-1334 memory


Dual ISP


Dual ISP


Modem Snapdragon X9 LTE Snapdragon X9 LTE Snapdragon X9 LTE

Meanwhile, MediaTek also announced its Helio P15 chip, which interestingly jumps back to true octa-core construction from big.LITTLE architecture in Helio P10. The Helio P15 has 8 Cortex A53 cores clocked at 2.2GHz. The 28nm TSMC process based chipset further integrates Cat-6 LTE, 800MHz Mali-T860 MP2 GPU, and LPDDR3-933MHz RAM.


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