Looks like LG won’t mind Samsung’s smartphone and LCD TV business thriving next year. After bagging the deal to supply LCD panels to Samsung post Sharp’s exit, rumors have it that the dominant Android player will be sourcing smartphone batteries from LG Chems next year instead of relying on its own subsidiary Samsung SDI.

The reasons to seek additional suppliers are kind of obvious. The South Korean maker is taking every step necessary to avoid Note7 like battery fiasco and to inspire more confidence in prospective buyers.

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It must also be noted that Samsung isn’t quite ready to share the exact reason why Galaxy Note7s exploded with the press, even though it is rumored to have completed its internal investigation. The Note7 phones that exploded had batteries sourced from two different sources – Samsung SDI and China’s ATL – and thus batteries might not even be the culprit here.

The deal, however, hasn’t finalized yet and assuming that it goes through, the next generation Note devices, and not the upcoming Galaxy S8, will be the ones employing LG batteries.

Meanwhile, Samsung will try its level best to make a fierce comeback with the Galaxy S8 in April next year.



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