Samsung is having a relatively good year with phones like Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge being hailed as massive improvements. Establishing momentum at the high end price segment, Samsung is trying woo budget phones buyers with likes of Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5, which are exclusively retailing on Flipkart for competitive prices. If you are planning on buying the Galaxy J7 here are answers to all your questions to help you make up your mind.

Question – How is the display on Galaxy J7?

Answer – Samsung has done a great job with the AMOLED display on Galaxy J7, even at a comparatively lower price. General users who love the rich over-saturated tones and deep contrasts on Samsung’s AMOLED panels will love this one too. Others can tone down saturation levels from settings.

Question – How is the outdoor visibility on Galaxy J7?

Answer – The Galaxy J7 screen is bright enough to be legible outdoors. Samsung has also added an outdoor mode which enhances screen brightness and automatically switches back to battery friendly brightness state after 15 minutes.

Question – How is the design and build?

Answer– Samsung Galaxy J7 for an instance reminded me of the very popular Galaxy Grand, perhaps because of the rounded chrome finished side edges, but the comparison would be unfair. It is slimmer, more polished, with well-balanced weight, but essentially plastic-ky. It lacks any wow factor or metallic touch, but at the same time, doesn’t feel cheap.

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Question – How much Internal storage space is free? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Galaxy J7?

Answer – Out of 16GB, 11.49GB is available at user end. You can also transfer parts of apps to SD card. You will also get 100GB of OneDrive Cloud storage free with Galaxy J7.


Question – Is USB OTG supported?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported.

Question – How do you take screen shots on Galaxy J7?

Answer– Alright, this is the basic one, but we did find several users asking for the same, understandably so, since the process departs from the conventional “power key + volume down”. You can press the home button and volume down together to click screenshots.

Question – How well did the Exynos chip in the Indian variant of Galaxy J7 perform? What are benchmark scores of Galaxy J7?

Answer – Day to day performance was smooth without any issue. We played several high end games like Asphalt 8, OverKill 3, etc., but the handset didn’t heat up much. On Antutu the handset scored 37,795 and on Quadrant the handset scored 21834. Overall day to day performance is very good. Gaming performance is decent considering its price.

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Question – How much RAM is free on first boot?

Answer- Out of 1.5GB around 600MB is free on first boot. Multitasking was efficient in our brief time with the device.

Question- How is the Samsung Galaxy J7 camera?

Answer – The camera performance is quite good. With our initial testing, we felt that it was better than Moto G 3rd Gen. Images look even better on its AMOLED screen. The Selfie camera however, is a very standard affair, which in no way means that it is bad. Samsung has used a front camera flash too, but we didn’t find it very useful.

Question – How is the call quality?

Answer – Call quality is very good in our area.

Question – Do both SIM cards support 4G?

Answer – No, only one SIM card supports 4G networks.


Question – Is there any Wifi issue in Samsung Galaxy J7?

Answer – Yes. Several users are complaining about abrupt Wi-Fi disconnections in Galaxy J7. Our review unit also seems to be plagued by this issue.

Question – How is the Battery backup on Samsung Galaxy J7?

Answer – The Samsung Galaxy J7 easily lasted more than a day with moderate usage. With heavy usage however, battery drainage is rather steep.

Question – Is the battery removable on Galaxy J7?

Answer – Yes, battery is user replaceable.

Question – Are capacitive keys backlit?

Answer – No, capacitive keys are not backlit.

Question – How is the software?


Answer – Android Lollipop based TouchWiz UI on Galaxy J7 is similar to the latest version which is also present on flagship Samsung phones like Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5. We didn’t notice any lag with UI transitions. There are still several pre-loaded apps which we didn’t need.

Question – Is the loud speaker any good?

Answer – Loudspeaker loudness is just average, sound quality is good though.

Question – What comes inside the box of Galaxy J7?

Answer – Inside the box, there is a 1.5 Ampere fast charger, USB cable and a pair of headphones.

Expert Analysis

Most Samsung phones which we come across at budget price have bog standard hardware and rely heavily on the tier 1 branding. However, Galaxy J7 is different and holds so much more substance. Samsung has finally made a decent and compelling low cost handset.

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  1. Where do I find on Samsung’j7 crown share my account information on WhatsApp to face book.I need to turn it off my device.Thanks

  2. Why many games does not installs in my galaxy j7 (2015) it only shows “app not installed” i tried many modded game and many other from other sites like aptoide , even i tried to download from playstore but the game first download fully but does not install ….. Not everything shows that “app not install” some installs easily but i want that stuff which does not installs in my j7 , So is this a chipset & gpu problem r something else plz reply …

  3. Hello, I just bought a Samsung J7 Max. I’m used to the active display, but when I receive any notification, I can hear the sound but the screen doesn’t wake up. Please help me. Do I need to install a third party application or is there any options in the software itself to wake the screen when notifications arrive?

    • screen won’t wake up when you get notifications, not by default. I don’t have the phone with me as of now, but you can check if there is an option for waking the display under settings.

  4. Brother please please please need a way to enable multi window on j7 6 I have tried all apps but not working. Im not interested on rooting. What to do Brother

  5. How do you activate multi window mode for J7 2015 model? I dont think it can. I’ve already done the Developer Mode but the multi window option is not available. Should i try the rooting process???

  6. I have purchased new Samsung Galaxy J7 prime. Unable to play games like I, Gladiator. “Unfortunately the game has stopped” message displays. And it can be played easily in Gionee F103. And Galaxy J7 prime has more features and higher version than Gionee F103. Please help.

    • You are supposed to first ´wake up´ the Developer mode in the Settings screen.
      Then enter Developer mode and go to the very bottom where you are supposed to find a Dual Windows option you have to switch ON. However, this option is NOT available either? Why change from accessing it from the pull down menu as before?

    • You are supposed to first ´wake up´ the Developer mode in the Settings screen.
      Then enter Developer mode and go to the very bottom where you are supposed to find a Dual Windows option you have to switch ON. However, this option is NOT available either? Why change from accessing it from the pull down menu as before?

  7. i cant play my all song in google play music.and other downloaded player include video in playlist.
    and my other folder song cant please solve it.


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