Do you know why before the start of a cricket match captains of both teams do a pitch inspection? They do so to analyze the wicket before finalizing their playing XI. Similarly, most successful smartphone brands conduct market studies to understand their audience before coming up with a smartphone. This is exactly the practice International smartphone brand Mobiistar follows before coming up with a new smartphone.

So, what is the most important feature for a young Indian buyer purchasing from the offline market? The most common answer to this question is likely to be a good selfie camera. At least Mobiistar believes so.

A few months back, the Vaitanameese company set its foot in the Indian market with its online-only budget devices – the CQ and XQ dual. After getting a good response from the online buyers, Mobiistar is now trying to reach wider audiences with the launch of its offline exclusive device – the Mobiistar X1 Dual. The newly launched phone retails for Rs 10,999. The X1 Dual biggest highlight is its optic dual selfie cameras. Here are the few reasons why the Mobiistar X1 Dual is A Selfie Star you should consider:

1.  Excellent Selfies

The Mobiistar X1 Dual is one of those rare phones in its price point that boast of dual selfie cameras. The X1 Dual features a setup of 13MP+8MP cameras. However, more often than not, the primary sensor does the work for you. It manages to take good selfies without any shutter lag and most shots turn out well in favorable conditions.

2. Group Selfies

The secondary selfie camera enables a wide-angle mode which helps you fit more in every selfie frame. The Mobiistar X1 Dual secondary selfie camera manages to capture 120-degrees wide images and thus comes in handy whenever you need to shoot group selfies or groupies. You can also use it whenever you have a mesmerizing background and you want it to feature in your selfie frame.

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3. Beautify your selfies

Mobiistar has not just worked on the optics, it appears to have worked hard on the software as well. The X1 Dual offers an elaborate 7-Level Beauty Mode. This offline exclusive device also lets users fix minor blemishes, say, enlarge their eyes, reduce chick fat, and even whiten skin tone to ensure that every image looks perfect and is social media ready with minimal effort.

4. HDR in Selfies

Not many smartphones in this price range offer HDR mode for selfies and it works brilliantly on the Mobiistar X1 Dual Selfie camera. With the HDR selfies, the Mobiistar X1 manages to capture decent selfies even in not so favorable lighting conditions. Using its HDR algorithms, the X1 Dual finds a balance between highlights and shadows to ensure images are pleasing to the eye even when the actual conditions are drab.

5. Star Light

Mobiistar has also equipped the X1 Dual selfie camera with a soft LED flash. This means that you can now take selfies in low light without compromising on details. The Star Light flash on the X1 Dual doesn’t hit your face hard with harsh light.  Instead, it adds a subtle glow to your face and compliments it with a moderately exposed backdrop.

5 Reasons Why the Mobiistar X1 Is A Selfie Star

The Mobiistar X1 Dual sets the bar really high for affordable selfie phones. At the same time, it isn’t a one trick pony and covers all basics just fine. It’s a gorgeous looking handset that offers modern features like Full View screen, Dual SIM Dual VoLTE, ViLTE, and a fast and responsive fingerprint sensor for a very reasonable price.

Considering all of these advantages, the Mobiistar XQ Dual is a safe bet for offline buyers who are looking for a selfie-centric phone under Rs 11,000.


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