Mobiistar, a popular Vietnamese smartphone maker, recently forayed in India with the launch of two new phones. Of these, the XQ Dual, that offers dual Selfies cameras for a remarkable price, leads the charge.

On paper, the Mobiistar XQ Dual sounds like a complete phone for its price, but can the practical experience match up to its promising spec-sheet? If you have been on the fence regarding this selfie star, we can help. Let’s enumerate the reasons for why you should just go ahead and buy it

Dual Selfie camera

The Mobiistar XQ Dual is an absolute delight for Selfie enthusiasts. It’s the only phone in its class with workable dual cameras (13MP + 8MP), where the extra sensor has a wide-angle lens and is perfect for times when you need to shoot groupies.

The option to switch between the two sensors is present right on the viewfinder. The camera app has a handy HDR mode and a 7-Level Beauty mode that you can use to subtly enhance self-portraits. For low-light shots, you can always rely on the defused Star Light flash. Needless to say, you can manage impressive selfies, irrespective of the ambient lighting, using the Mobiistar XQ Dual.

Solid Build

The moment you hold it in hand, you’ll realize that the Mobiistar XQ Dual is a solidly built phone. There are no flexes or creaks in the body and it definitely feels like a phone that could survive rough handling or perhaps more than a few inadvertent drops.

There is metal predominating the back and side edges and a toughened 2.5D glass on the front. The handset is essentially quite slim and easy to wield. Mobiistar also bundles a good quality case in the box to compliment XQ Dual’s tough build.

Gorgeous Display

The Mobiistar XQ Dual is also one of the handful few phones that offer Full HD display in the affordable price bracket. The 5-inch IPS LCD panel has excellent contrast, wide dynamic range and vibrant colours that delectably pop.

This is an excellent screen for consuming multimedia content and otherwise.

Excellent Performance

Another crucial area where Mobiistar XQ Dual stands out is its performance. The handset is powered by 1.2GHz Qualcomm octa-core processor paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage, which makes it a decent proposition in this budget.

The well-optimized software plays its part too. The overall day-to-day usage experience is extremely smooth. Even if you need to deal with multiple apps through your day, you need not worry about any inconsistent system behaviour. The phone also accepts up to 128GB of secondary storage.

Long-lasting Battery

With all those resources at your disposal, it’d be hard to keep your hands off the XQ Dual. Don’t worry, the 3000mAh battery has you covered. It can deliver sufficient backup for all your needs and, more often than not, the handset can comfortably last for one and a half day on a single charge. The bottom line is that you won’t have to be anxious about running out of charge through your day.

Mobiistar XQ Dual – Should you buy it?

The Mobiistar XQ Dual has a lot working in its favour. Apart from the above mentioned strong points, the handset has a fast and reliable fingerprint sensor, 4G VoLTE and ViLTE support, a reasonably good rear camera, and elegant full-metal unibody design.

If you are looking for a phone under 8,000 INR, the Mobiistar XQ Dual offers great value for the money you will pay. More so if you are passionate about selfies.

Mobiistar XQ Price in India

You can buy Mobiistar XQ Dual from Flipkart for Rs. 7,999. You can also benefit from a number of ongoing offers that further reduce the effective cost.

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