Moto G5 Plus (first impression) has easily been the most awaited smartphone this year. Being part of immensely popular and much revered Moto G lineage, it assures of that perfect mix of brand value and gratifying end-user experience. But at the same time, it is surely not the best-specced phone in its class. If you are still on the fence about buying the Moto G5 Plus, let’s enumerate Moto G5 Plus Pros and cons to help you make up your mind. (हिंदी में पढ़ें)

Moto G5 Plus full specifications 

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Why You Should buy the Moto G5 Plus

Great Camera

The best possible camera is what most quotidian consumers are looking for and that’s where the Moto G5 Plus doesn’t disappoint. The new Moto has a 12MP rear camera sensor with dual autofocus pixels, f/1.7 aperture lens, and dual tone LED flash. It is not perfect but, as advertised, it’s still one of the best smartphone cameras you can get in this budget in India.

We will be dissecting the camera performance further in our Moto G5 Plus Camera review soon.

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Compact and Elegant

With a 5.2-inch display, the Moto G5 Plus won’t make you stretch your mitts nor would it look petite. Relatively compact size, coupled with intelligent software makes the Moto G5 Plus very convenient to use (and to take selfies).

Even though most of the Moto G5 Plus is made of plastic (save for the metal plate on the back), subtle attention to details makes it unique and refreshing.

Home Button

One of the major Moto G4 Plus peeve points has now been rectified. The Home button of the Moto G5 plus actually counts as a strength. For one thing, it actually works as a home button. And you can also program it to be used as back and multitasking button. Also, long pressing it puts your phone in sleep mode, something we quite love about it.

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Dedicated MicroSD card slot

The hybrid SIM slots can be extremely inconvenient in the Reliance Jio era. Most users now need two SIM cards and that means plugging an SD card is no longer an option on hybrid SIM tray devices. But not with the Moto G5 Plus. Lenovo has added a dedicated SD card slot on the phone.

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Stock Android software

In a sea of phones running shabby custom UIs or are blatant copies of iOS, Google’s Android vision feels rather clean and can be a refreshing change of pace. The software on the phone is neat and it’s fast. Besides, Lenovo’s added gestures and Ambient display add some more value.

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Fairly Decent Performer

The Moto G5 Plus is quite capable of running everything you throw at it with ease, and the Snapdragon 625 is judicious with the battery. The Moto G5 Plus isn’t the brawniest budget phone but it’s perfectly capable enough to smoothly sail you through everyday tasks and more. The battery can last one whole day with ease.

Why you should not buy Moto G5 Plus

Display Colours

Everyone around me loved the Moto G5 Plus display. It’s sharp and crisp, and if you aren’t particularly fastidious about your displaycolourss, you would love it too. But If you are, you will see the display leans towards cold blue tones and shows poor dynamic range. Contrast also leaves much to be desired. In fact, the Moto G4 Play display looks better when compared side by side.

Moto G5 Plus Selfie camera

No 64GB Internal Storage Option

Ample internal storage is a big convenience and also helps maintain your phone’s performance in the long run. Even when Moto is using good quality storage, there are only 32gigs of it. At a price of 17K, 64GB would have been better justified.

Software Updates Are Not Guaranteed

If you are buying Moto G5 Plus because you like the idea of Android version updates, there is some bad news. Motorola isn’t guaranteeing updates for the G series anymore. Our review unit is still running January security patch.

There are still good chances that Motorola might, after all, push the Android O update next year, but it’s just not guaranteed anymore.

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If Battery Is Your First Priority

While the Moto G5 Plus can certainly last for a day of moderate to heavy usage, phones like Lenovo P2 can last fairly longer. If you value battery longevity over camera performance, the Lenovo P2 should prove to be a better alternative.

Should You Buy It? Yes!

Moto G5 Plus isn’t perfect and time and again we do feel that Lenovo is unnecessarily holding back on hardware just because it can, but still this is probably the phone we would recommend to most people looking for a decent Android experience in this budget. If you have any other Moto G5 Plus related query, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.


  1. I want to buy new phone…below are my requirements
    1-Screen size 5-6 inches
    2-Battery-minimum 4000 mah
    3-Good camera
    4-Must have flash
    5-3 slots tray (2 Sim+ SD card)
    6-Gorilla glass
    8-Auto call recording will be delighted
    can u suggest any good phone

  2. Everything is perfect but Lot of reviews and complaints regarding Moto G5 Plus about earpiece low volume. You must be in a silent place if you want to hear what the other person is saying. Is that true. That is one problem I dont want to face after buying G5plus. Sound from the earpiece should be loud enough like Samsung Guru. Thats how I like it. Dont want my ear to pain trying to hold and press the phone against my ear just to hear properly. Basic phone function like this should not have been compromised. What is your suggestion Deepak?

  3. Brand new Moto g 5plus — very laggy, and almost ALL RAM is used up, brand new , didnt download or add anything. ALSO huge security issue from quick start camera — Using the quick start camera gesture lets you into the cell phone without needing a fingerprint or security code.

  4. Heavy games we can use in g5 plus?
    3gb ram& 32 GB internal or4gb&64 internal which one is better?
    Call quality& speakers quality & music sound?& call ringtone is big?
    It supports 4k video recording?
    No of app can be installing?
    Hanging problem?
    Heating problem?
    Why battery is 3000mh only?
    Cost is expensive ?

    • Heavy games we can use in g5 plus?
      Answer: Yes!
      3gb ram& 32 GB internal or4gb&64 internal which one is better?
      Answer: 4GB and 32GB. As mentioned in the article, there is no 64GB variant.
      Moto G5 Plus Call quality& speakers quality & music sound?& call ringtone is big?
      Answer: The loudspeaker is loud enough and is audible even in crowded space.
      It supports 4k video recording?
      Answer: Yes, it supports 4K recording @30fps.
      No of app can be installing?
      Answer: Infinity(As long as storage space is available)
      Hanging problem?
      Answer: Normally, it runs pretty cool.

  5. Thank a lot for your quick reply !
    Just one more question …Motto X Play or G5 Plus (since both cost almost the same now) ?

  6. Hi Deepak,

    Should I buy motto g5 plus or one plus one (still available on line) . Not a gaming person but other apps should work fast without lag and phone should last at least 2 years .


  7. suggest a dedicacated memory slot phone with HD display,excellent audio, 32/64 GB ROM 4GB RAM under 15000 with finger print sensor

  8. I’m using Moto G4 Plus for the past few months and it’s performing extremely well … I have not got any big issues .. multitasking is really great … I’m satisfied with this phone .. Thank u Moto :*

    • Moto G5 Plus if you prefer a compact phone with efficient software and a great camera. Redmi Note 4 if you prioritize great battery life and love bigger displays. Personally, Moto G5 suits better to my needs, but your use case might very well be different.

  9. I have recently purchased Moto g5 plus , I have facing an issue in the camera , the picture in the camera before taking the shot looks grainy but the final image comes very great , i want to know whether i am only facing this issue or it’s normal


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