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Qualcomm has announced that it is working on its next-generation ARM-based chipsets that would set the benchmark in Windows PC performance. The company will be leveraging the acquired talents from Nuvia to design these chips. Nuvia, for the unversed, was a startup formed by 3 former Apple employees who worked on the iPhone-maker’s A-series chipsets. And so Qualcomm is confident that they will make something that will leave Apple’s M-series behind. However, the estimated time is given as 2023 only.

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At its recently-held investor event, Qualcomm has made some big promises, saying that it wants to become the leader in “sustained performance and battery life”. The company will also scale up its Adreno GPUs with the aim of bringing desktop-class gaming to future PC products.

Qualcomm predicts that the Nuvia designed chips will be available in laptops and computers sometime in 2023. Now, this won’t be the first time Qualcomm has dabbled in PC chips as it has had both chips under its own 8c compute platform, as well as Surface’s SQ1 and SQ2 branding.

But when it comes to performance and power efficiency, these weren’t anything to write home about. So, the company has an uphill task to take on Apple. It has been a huge stakeholder in the smartphone chipset space and whether those Nuvia engineers can help the company crack the PC market remains to be seen.

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Btw, Qualcomm also estimates its sale of modem chips for iPhones to reduce in the next few years as it thinks Apple would’ve introduced its in-house alternatives by then. However, it expects any losses due to this would be compensated by its growth in other verticals such as autonomous cars and connected devices. It envisages automotive sector revenue to hit $3.5 billion in five years and $8 billion in 10 years from $1 billion in this fiscal. Incidentally, on Tuesday, Qualcomm also announced a deal to supply self-driving car chips to German automotive giant BMW.

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