Why Prisma App Is An Instant Hit On Social Media

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Update: Prisma App is now also available for download on Google Play for Andriod users.

Prisma is the new bombshell which recently hit the Apple app store and instantaneously started making waves on social media. Unless you are hiding yourself under a rock since the last couple of weeks, you must have witnessed images with Prisma logo featuring in your social media feed.

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So, what the hell is all this ruckus about? The Prisma app uses artificial intelligence cloud processing to turn images into impressive artwork. Some of the stylized artworks created using this popular image editing app resembles the works of all-time greats like Picasso, Munch, Van Gogh, Levitan and Mondrian.Prisma App

How Does It Work?

This photo enhancing app appears to works pretty much similar to Instagram, but actually it is different in many ways. Unlike Instagram and other regular editing apps which simply apply filters on images, Prisma uses neural deep learning and algorithmic magic to analyze and re-create a complex paint brush painting like image.

Prisma App

Despite of all these background activities, Prisma app strikes as a user friendly app due to its simple, neat and clean UI. Just like Instagram, this new phenomenal app has a big rounded camera shutter button at the bottom, a toggle button for flash, switch camera option and gallery access.

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Just click a picture or select an existing image. Once you are done with the image selection process, select a filter from carousel below. It takes a few seconds. Once live preview appears, user can just swipe across the screen to adjust the intensity of the filter till it meets their requirements.


Coming to Android Anytime Soon?

Still, it is just a beginning as company aims to introduce a lot more new features such as Videos with Prima filters and a virtual reality version of the app in the coming weeks. Currently it is only available for iOS devices with developers promising a Google Play Store launch later this month. Android users hold tight!


Is there Any Alternative Available On Android?

If you are an Android user who is etching to lay their hands on this app you can try apps such as Paper Camera, Photo Lab, Dreamscope, Pikazo – Making Anything Art, SuperPhoto. These are some of the apps that offer similar artistic filters. Some of these apps are partially free and some of them are paid.

Are These Options As Good As Prisma?

Of course, these apps are not as cool as Prisma. The end results of filters they apply aren’t as refreshingly unpredictable and lie within the bounds of what you conventionally expect. Also, most of these apps are cluttered with ads. The developers of Prisma already announced 23 July as official Play Store launch date. You won’t have to resort to alternatives much longer.

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