Top Photo Editing Apps That You Must Have On Your phone in 2018

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Smartphone photography has grown many folds in this decade. So much so, that optics on your phone is now one of the major highlights that no manufacturer can ignore today. People have started relying a lot on their phones for capturing photos. With the intensification of social media usage, the need for applications which can edit user’s photos quickly and right from your pockets has increased. Several photo editing apps have tried their best to tap into this avenue and a lot of them have been successful in gaining users support. Let us take a look at the best photo editing currently available in the market which you should be trying out if you haven’t already.

1. Snapseed

The first one on the list is undoubted, Google’s photo editing app Snapseed. This app can best serve you if you are an amateur photographer.

But don’t get fooled by its simple UI, this app has a lot of inbuilt features which you can use if you are willing to expand your horizons and that is the reason, this is also one of the most sought out app by professionals. Moreover, it even has inbuilt tutorials to help you make the best out of it.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

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2. PicsArt


The second one on the list is PicsArt. This app is the highest grossing photography apps on the play store. Nonetheless, it has a plethora of options to try out for free. You can literally find almost every possible option required for editing including collage maker, clipart library and millions of user-created stickers. You can even upload your pictures to the global PicsArt community and take part in several creative contests through the app.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

3. PhotoDirector

The next one on the list is PhotoDirector. This app particularly helps you take the pictures with filters and edit them on the go. On top of that, you can add effects to the entire image or just a selected part of it. This selection can be used to create new designs and memes quickly.

Pixlr also has features like “Scene” which allows you to create fun sceneries. This app allows you to cleverly remove unwanted objects in the apps, so you need not worry about photobombers from next time! You can also strip away haze, mist, and fog from your images.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

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4. Pixlr


Pixlr photo editing app provides its users with a wide range of tools and effects to choose from. It even adjusts the color balance of your pictures with the Auto-Fix mode. You can scour through a number of features like overlays, filters, and double-exposure. The biggest differential factor, however, is its ability to arrange up to 25 photos in various backgrounds and layouts.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

5. Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe is a pioneer when it comes to editing on desktops. However, they have failed to captivate the smartphone market until recently. Nevertheless, they are mending ways and concentrating at giving good features to smartphone users without charging them. This Adobe Photoshop express is their major step towards achieving that goal. Adobe Photoshop Express provides allows users to crop, ad effect, heal images, add borders and filters to images and create collages. This app also allows you to access and control data from Adobe Creative Cloud, so your work stays updated across all your devices.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

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Next up on the list is VSCO. This app comes with several film-inspired presets to enhance your shots. It even allows you to edit videos directly on your smartphone. You can publish your content with a VSCO profile and also gain access to curated content. VSCO also provides you with several advanced camera controls directly within the app.

Google Play Store Apple App Store

7. Google Photos

Though Google Photos is not an editing centric application, it has certain good editing options which makes it a worthful app for editing. It provides an option to edit slow motion video to slow down just the part of the video which you want to emphasize on while fast forwarding the rest of the video, giving the video a cinematic touch. Other than that the assistant present in the app helps you automatically create several collages and movies based on your recent usage. On top of it, this app gives users unlimited online storage to back up all their photos and videos.

Google Play Store | Apple App Storage

8. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

This app suits best for selfie freaks who use their front cameras a lot to capture selfies. This application lets users click great selfies right from the app with its impressive real-time effects. You can also edit your pictures with a bunch of stickers right from the app. What more, you even get a chance to turn your face into fun animated characters with its inbuilt facial recognition stickers. You even get an array of features including different playback speeds and drawing effects as while shooting your video. The beauty mode of the application enhances your facial features to give you better-looking selfies.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

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9. Prisma

Prisma got people around the globe quite excited last year. This was the first major app to let users convert their pictures into artworks and the app did a commendable job at it. This app allowed photographs to be turned into artworks using the styles of famous artists like Munk and Picasso. They used neural networks and artificial intelligence to rejuvenate your photographs into artworks. It even has a lot of photo effects embedded right into the app.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store


This app is a must for those shooters who love to capture things in black and white. This app is your one-stop location for all your needs pertaining to monochrome shooting. With the built-in camera section, you can be in control of what you shoot and get and lets you get the essence of how your photograph is going to be. You can edit your shots after capturing them with a wide range of enhancing options. The built-in news feed lets you browse through the latest collections of best black and white photography from the Hypocom community.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Best Photo Editing Apps for Smartphones

These are the best apps currently available across the app stores of both Android and iOS. Each of them has their own distinctive features and it is worth trying each one of them. After all, editing apps are what that lets you turn your mediocre snaps into amazing looking captures.


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