Prevent AC Fires: Here’s How to Stop Your AC From Becoming a Fire Hazard

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On May 30, the residents of a posh high-rise society in Noida woke up to the blast of an air conditioner in one of the flats. Luckily, there were no casualties as the sprinklers and fire systems swung into action, showing how these firefighting systems can prevent AC fires. Such instances have become common lately, leading readers to question how to avoid such situations. Let’s check out a few tips you can follow to prevent AC from becoming a fire hazard.

Prevent AC Fires: Here’s How to Stop Your AC From Becoming a Fire Hazard

The Background Story

AC catches fire at a flat in Lotus Boulevard, Sector 100, Noida

A split AC fitted in one of the flats in Lotus Boulevard in Sector 100, Noida, blasted and caught fire earlier in the morning. Luckily, the building’s firefighting systems worked fine, suppressing the fire from spreading to other rooms and flats. Videos of the incident began spreading across social media, showing heavy smoke billowing from the flat. What has this instance shown us about preventing AC fires from happening ever again?

It is better to stay safe than sorry. These are a few tips to prevent ACs (and other electronic appliances ) from becoming a fire hazard.

Give it some rest from time to time

If you (or someone else) tend to keep the AC in your house or office running daily, we recommend giving it some rest. After all, electronic equipment may feel fatigued when running constantly, leading to a point of breakage. It is better to give your AC some time to rest before using it again to prevent any mechanical or electrical failure that may have far-reaching effects.

Clean the outdoor unit

As the name suggests, the outdoor unit remains outside the house, intercepting all sorts of debris, twigs, leaves, dirt, etc. All these deposits can cause the fans to run inefficiently, translating into less cooling but more work done. The condenser coil could get blocked, leading to overheating issues, which is why cleaning outdoor units from time to time is critical. You don’t need any special instruments; instead, just spray water into the unit to help get rid of debris. A power washer set on light intensity can help, although avoid using it on full power as it can damage the outdoor unit.

Prevent direct sunlight in the room

If your room gets direct sunlight, your AC will take longer to cool, putting additional stress on the components. Similarly, the outdoor unit must be shaded for better cooling and efficiency. 

Clean air filters regularly

Make it a habit to clean air filters regularly. These are net-like layers lined on top of the indoor unit, filtering any dirt and debris from entering the indoor unit. With time, these filters can get clogged, blocking the flow of air and causing overheating issues that will be apparent by then. It takes less than 10 minutes to remove air filters, clean them up, rinse them properly, and place them back. You will see significant differences before and after cleaning, making it an absolute to-go tip to prevent any potential instances of inefficient cooling or ACs catching fire. 

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Choose AC capacity based on room size and occupancy

Many times, we choose ACs based on our budget; however, that shouldn’t be the only consideration. You could be buying an AC that is too small or too large based on your room size and occupancy, leading to frivolous electricity bills and inadequate or excessive cooling. This could force the ACs to work harder, generating more heat when they run. This is one of the tips I suggest following to prevent ACs from catching fire.

Give AC some space to breathe

The outdoor unit is usually in the open, taking all the space it requires. However, some people might place it in a confined space owing to XYZ reasons. Doing so is not recommended as the outdoor unit requires two feet of clearance and is obstruction-free to function correctly. Again, failing to do so forces the outdoor unit to work more and it ends up generating more heat. Giving it some space allows optimal airflow that you will notice in both cooling efficiency and electricity bills. 

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Schedule professional maintenance

You can change the filters and clean both indoor and outdoor units. However, it is crucial to get the air conditioner serviced professionally. We recommend multiple visits a year, or at least before and after summers when the AC is heavily used. Regular maintenance helps avoid issues that could turn major.

Stop using extension cords

Your AC uses a lot of power when plugged into dedicated circuits. Using an inadequate extension cord could overload the power unit, easily causing the circuits to overheat. It opens up possibilities of short circuits that could catch fire. Thus, say no to extension cords.

Listen to the AC

Unless your AC has sensors to detect any fault, you might notice specific changes in cooling or noises when running. Other instances are caught by excessive vibrating, ACs abruptly shutting down, or a burning smell spewing from the AC. All these signs could be dangerous, which is when the first call you make is to get the AC checked and fixed if there are any electrical or mechanical issues before it is too late.

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Wrapping Up

These were a handful of tips on how to prevent AC fires that could cause more than material damage, i.e., the risk of someone losing their life due to an AC blast and the fire thereafter. Hopefully, these tips will help you prevent such a scenario while ensuring optimal cooling and lower utility bills, especially during scorching summer heat.

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