A couple of hands-on videos showing Oppo X 2021 are streaming online and we guess we could see the world’s first rollable phone from OPPO and that too soon.

First revealed back at Oppo’s Inno Day held in September 2020, the X 2021 was introduced as a concept device. With hands-on videos and reviews surfacing online, we expect that OPPO may announce a commercial version of its rollable phone later this year. 

OPPO X 2021 Display Module

OPPO X 2021 comes with a standard display size of 6.67-inch and can further expand to 7.4-inch. The panel is OLED. The phone sports a button sensor on its right side edge for the expansion and contraction job as well as for fingerprint scanning.

Oppo is utilizing its in-house Roll Motor powertrain, 2-in-1 plate, and Warp Track high-strength screen laminate technology into its rollable phone instead of using hinges like other foldable phones. 

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A statement from the company says, “OPPO engineers designed an axis with a slider on the display side of the phone from which the display extends and retracts. The display moves along this central axis and the slider ensures it follows a smooth arc. After extensive testing, the central axis diameter was fixed at 6.8mm – a magic number that makes it possible for the display to bend with virtually no trace.”

As for the lenses, OPPO X 2021 boasts of a 48MP triple camera setup with two Spot TOF 3D sensors and LED flash. The back panel has a dual-tone finish body. Rest, being a prototype, it does not reveal in-depth specs.

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Unlike the foldables, the rollables don’t seem to be bothered by a crease. We will know for sure when we witness one out in the daylight. Also, we are curious about who brings it first to the market. Apart from Oppo, LG is also slated to showcase its perspective, aptly called LG Rollable later this year.


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