OPPO has always been a front runner when it comes to delivering trailblazing camera tech or reinventing smartphone design. In the past, the brand has pioneered numerous cutting-edge technologies including flip camera modules, AI-powered high-resolution photography, and periscope-style zoom lens assembly that were adopted as industry standards.

Owing to this innovation-centric approach at the core of all of its operations, OPPO made significant headway in the last quarter increasing its market share by a whopping 88% year-on-year (Source: IDC report). The brand is now once again ready to pull out all stops and rewrite the rules with its upcoming premium flagship, the OPPO Reno3 Pro. OPPO will officially present the phone in India on March 2 and here’s why we are excited!

64MP ZOOM Quad Camera

The Reno3 Pro brandishes a 64MP rear zoom quad cam (13MP telephoto camera + 64 MP primary camera + 2 MP mono lens + 8 MP ultra-wide lens). The intelligent camera system can shoot up to 108MP high-resolution images, capture wide-angle canvases, take mesmerizing portraits and offer extraordinary zoom capabilities to close in on objects. 

It’s a camera designed for all lighting conditions. Thanks to advanced computational photography modes like Ultra night mode and Ultra dark mode, users will be able to capture stunning details even in imperfect indoor lighting and in dark scenes. 

Equally impressive is Reno3 Pro’s zoom prowess. The three cameras including Ultra Wide-angle Lens, Ultra-clear Main Camera, and Telephoto Lens that come in a vertical structure of HD four-camera image system work together to accomplish a wide array of zooms including 2x optical zoom, 5x hybrid optical zoom and up to 20x digital zoom.

The smartphone accommodates 2x optical zoom camera in a vertical structure. The image processing software can smartly combine output from other camera sensors in the array to deliver 5x Hybrid zoom and can also combine equivalent focal lengths of 15.9 mm, 22.2 mm, and 51.4 mm for the wide-angle camera, primary camera, and telephoto cameras, respectively to deliver 20x digital zoom. 

The Fusion image integration technology is used in triple-camera switching to ensure zoom smoothness with 8MP output in the 0.6x-0.9x wide angle range, 16M output in 1x-1.9x, 12M output in 2x-20x.

What this effectively means is that the device is capable of delivering a variety of zoom shots without compromising on clarity and sharpness of the image. The end result is remarkably stable and clear shots.    

Of course, for journalists like us who need to frequently capture key details during launch presentation from afar, these zoom capabilities alone are a godsend. But even quotidian buyers will surely appreciate Reno3 Pro’s advanced zoom more than they anticipate. 

For instance, while attending music concerts and a festival or while capturing images of monuments you stumble across while traveling, or in any situation where you need to get closer and see/capture minute details – you’d be able to appreciate the sheer convenience of a brilliant zoom camera. Moreover, the zoom tech also works for videos!

44MP Dual Selfie Camera

That’s not all, the Reno3 Pro has world’s first 44MP dual punch-hole selfie camera housed within a trendy dual punch-hole display. These seemingly simple enhancements bring the coveted ‘X’ factor to the look and feel and make the Reno3 Pro’s display extremely immersive.  

Further adding to its selfie credentials is a 44MP selfie sensor for the stunning clarity that selfie enthusiasts and social media-savvy, and young consumers are bound to love and be drawn to! The other sensor houses a 2MP depth sensor offering a more natural selfie effect to focus on the portrait in the picture and more accurate and natural background gradient. The front camera also showcases the first application of dual lens bokeh that delivers stunning bokeh pictures and videos

So, overall, the Reno3 Pro will soon bring in a lot of sophisticated technology and a premium unmatched experience to consumers in India. Delivering an effortlessly awesome camera is one of the biggest challenges for smartphone makers and OPPO has managed to consistently address the intricacies involved with great aplomb. And that explains why we are so excited to witness the next step! The OPPO Reno3 Pro will be officially presented in India on March 2. Stay tuned for more details! 


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