OnePlus Open survives the grueling durability tests

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The INR 1,39,999 OnePlus Open isn’t just a foldable phone with one of the largest camera islands the smartphone industry has seen but it’s both resilient and durable too. OnePlus’ first-ever foldable phone underwent durability testing on JerryRigEverything and you won’t believe what happened.

OnePlus Open Scratch Test

The motive of this test is to see what causes the displays to scratch. Tested on the Mohs hardness scale, the outer or cover display, which is all glass actually, started showing scratches at level 6 followed by deeper grooves at level 7. For the unversed, this is exactly where most flagship phones start showing signs of scratches.

Unfold the device and you get a giant 7.2” internal foldable display with a plastic protector on top that OnePlus calls ‘Ultra Thin Plastic’, sounds similar, right? As with the case of all the foldable displays that are primarily made of plastic, the OnePlus Open began to see scratches at level 2 followed by deeper grooves at level 3. Again, this is where most foldable phones lie given the display tech available as of now.

OnePlus Open Burn Test

The next set of tests is to check where both the displays on the OnePlus Open are subject to flame tests. Turns out the outer display, which is glass, was able to take 25 seconds in contact with an open flame before the pixels started turning white, another common behavior by OLED panels.

When tested on the inner display, which is primarily plastic, couldn’t withstand the heat. The area that caught the heat burnt in just five seconds. Again, we aren’t blaming the OnePlus Open for it given the fact that this is what the inner display undergoes no matter if you try a foldable from Samsung or other brands.

OnePlus Open Bend Test

If you are spending a fortune, say INR 139,999 or $1,699, on a foldable phone and its bends and breaks, that wouldn’t just hurt you financially but emotionally as well. Luckily, the OnePlus Open won’t disappoint you whatsoever.

The foldable phone is sturdy enough to withstand flexing and bending when folded. You can say it looks like you are trying to bend two phones stacked on top of one another. When Jerry tried bending the phone in the opposite direction of the hinge in an unfolded state, the phone made sure to flex and not snap at all. It was 100% functional which goes on to show just how durable Open is.

The hinges on OnePlus Fold were able to operate flawlessly when tested with dust as per the video that you can see below. OnePlus has a mix of track record in recent years with OnePlus 10 Pro breaking into half and the glass back crunch on the OnePlus 11. OnePlus 12 is awaiting its launch on December 5 in China followed by global launch on January 23.

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