Imagine getting not one but two ‘personalised’ OnePlus 3Ts (review) for free!

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, the Chinese company has brought out a competition wherein you stand to get two of its latest offerings absolutely free of cost. OnePlus calls this competition #lickoflove and one can participate in the same by signing up on the company’s official website.

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Although snagging a couple of OnePlus has its own appeal, we suggest you do not have a single look at the video the company has made public for the said competition. Why do we feel like that?

Go on have a look yourself then (we did warn you):

The contest will last a sum total of 10 days following the people with the most umm… ‘erotic’ (for the lack of a better word) video getting its maker(s) two personalised OnePlus 3Ts delivered to your doorstep.

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Other than that, the participants also stand a chance to win a bonus prize too (if you’re that good!).

Additionally, the company is also offering a limited ‘True Love’ bundle for Valentine’s Day though it is currently not available on the OnePlus official website.

This is not the first time that the company has given the go-ahead for a polarizing advertisement, with its Ladies First campaign (that came to the fore in 2014) receiving strong public outcry for being a tad too sexist apart from containing risque language.

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Though the ad does have a novel idea at hand of putting across the phone’s strong aspects, such as great exterior, design et al, it is the presentation that is, at best, a bit weird.


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