The OnePlus 9 series will debut on March 23 with a camera design by Hasselblad. Now, the upcoming OnePlus flagship is confirmed to employ custom-designed Sony IMX789 sensors under the hood. The sensor is designed to support dual native ISO, full-pixel Omni-directional autofocus, 4K videos at 120p, and real-time HDR video processing.

OnePlus released promo videos on Weibo describing the functionality of the Sony IMX789 sensor on its OnePlus 9 phones. The video explains the operation of ultra-wide-angle as a freeform lens. The setup uses two cameras aligned horizontally giving a unique array while redirecting light at 90-degrees. To produce a picture with a 140° Field-of-View, the image processing mechanism stitches images in real-time.

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The IMX789 is equipped with Sony Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR) technology. It is built to continuously click several exposures so as to overcome the ghosting effect caused by moving objects. 

The Sony IMX789 sensor will allow you to click in a 16:11 aspect ratio that will be adaptable to shoot 4:3 photos and 16:9 videos as well. The sensor will support 12-bit RAW captures with true-to-life colors by utilizing Hasselblad technology. 

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As for the front camera upgrade, OnePlus has developed a faster autofocus system that will take 1 millisecond to lock the object. The company claims that you can click clearer selfies holding the phone as near as 6 inches from your face. 

The partnership between the OnePlus and Hasselblad is meant to improve the photography experience in the OnePlus 9 series smartphones. So now we look forward to seeing how much of a difference the newly customized implementation of the Sony IMX789 sensor would bring about. 


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