OnePlus 8 Pro is scheduled to go on sale from April 29 in few markets and only a few pre-order consignments have reached users. And there already is bad news for the Chinese company. Certain users have reported grave issues in display – the veritable highlight of the new flagship!

The range of issues with OnePlus 8 Pro’s display includes green-tint, clipped/crushed blacks, brightness disarray, and random lines exposing around punch-hole shooter cutout.

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At first, a user posted the encountered problems on the OnePlus community forum. As reported by him, his OnePlus 8 Pro shows varied colors in low brightness mode. Both of the bottom corners show dark shades compared to the remaining screen panel. Few definite gradient textures can be seen at the bottom when apps which use full screen and color are opened, says the complainant. The user has also attached a picture to support his complaint.

Source: OnePlus Forum (Tungmeister) showing a green tint

Many users have yielded that most issues persist only when the OnePlus 8 Pro is in 120Hz mode. This is quite true as the OnePlus 8, having a 90Hz refresh rate, has not yet been associated with any such problem. Some OnePlus 8 Pro owners have tried the DC dimming feature to minimize green tint but had to deal with a black crush instead.

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Thankfully, OnePlus has officially acknowledged the issue with the following response:

“OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering the best smartphone experience. Our team is currently investigating these reports to identify the best solutions for our users, and we will issue updates as soon as they are ready.” 

Also, the company has assured its users to wait till the next OTA update to resolve the green tint on OnePlus 8 Pro. The statement doesn’t assure if all the display issues would be fixed. 

In the past, the same sort of problems were spotted for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Fortunately, Samsung managed to fixed such issues with a security update. 


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