Gaming phones took a backseat in India in 2020, but mobile gaming remains a booming market, and manufacturers aren’t backing off when it comes to making dedicated devices with flashy aesthetics. The latest in news is Nubia Red Magic 6 that has an electrochromic back panel.

What is an electrochromic glass? Well, electrochromic glass is a glass that can be tinted electronically and is generally used for skylights and windows.

The upcoming Nubia Red Magic 6 will have one, and as shown in the official teaser, the back panel can tint black or become transparent to reveal its internals with the press of a button.

That’s not the first time nubia is flashing its Red Magic internals. The Red Magic 5 had a see-through back where users could see the fan spinning.

We don’t yet know what exactly you’d be able to peep through, or what internals nubia is likely to be using, but this should obviously be helmed by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 that will be a part of all major flagships in 2021.


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