OnePlus just posted a short 10-second promotional video for the red color variant of the OnePlus 6 Red edition. The thumbnail of the clip shows OnePlus 6 is a transparent red tint back cover which has led many to assume that a transparent back edition is under works.

However, the transparent portion of the clip perhaps only demonstrates the “Flagship ingredients” that the promotional clip and the underlying text explicitly mention. The link in the post also redirects to the official OnePlus 6 Red edition page, so the Red edition is what the social media post is referring to in all likelihood.

A transparent back edition of OnePlus 6 was in news a couple of weeks back as well when Images of a clear-back OnePlus 6 surfaced online. This particular edition was formed by scraping off the thin film OnePlus uses under the rear glass of its mirror Black edition. The end result seemed far from pretty, though.

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In case you are interested, popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything also posted a video demonstrating the DIY experiment in detail. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau later cautioned users against considering the safety implications before proceeding.

Transparent phones have been done before. HTC U11 was the first phone with a partially see-through back (in the blue color variant). Xiaomi’s Mi 8 Explorer Edition also has a transparent back but the components you see through the back panel are fake on the phone.

OnePlus releases and focuses on one phone at a time but it also unleashes interesting color options for its reigning flagship killers almost every month. A transparent back edition is certainly something the brand could consider in the future.

Do you think a transparent back OnePlus 6 would make an interesting buy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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