Nikon has recently confirmed its plans to bring its second line of mirror-less camera system based around a full-frame image sensor into the market. The firm hasn’t revealed much about the device so far, but there is news about new lens mount being put to work for this camera. An adapter for F-mount SLR lenses will also be present in this device. Although, there is no surety if features like autofocus will make the cut.

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Nikon 1 series ( launched in 2011) was the firm’s bid to enter the mirrorless camera segment. However, things did not go too well with Nikon 1 series and its business winded up recently. This will be Nikon’s second line entry into the mirror-less cameras business after its Nikon 1 series. Nikon 1 contained 1-inch long sensors and unconventional control features, besides an anemic lens range which performed slow zooms that resulted in image quality which was closer to point-and-shoot than to DSLR. An F-mount adapter was also included, but the sensor size resulted in cropping of focal lengths to extreme degrees, turning all the lens, except the widest one, into telephotos. The makers did not employ the Nikon’s F-mount lens library, which dates back to the 1950’s, into the Nikon 1 line of devices.

Even though Nikon maintains that it will continue to upgrade SLRs, today’s announcement represents the firm’s acceptance of mirrorless cameras as the future of professional photography.

The pricing and other details about this project will be kept under wraps and released “at a later date”, as stated by Nikon. This behavior is very particular of Nikon, which usually announces its flagship projects without giving many details. The company made a similar detail-deficient announcement for its upcoming D5 camera.

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