After the discontinuation of its Nokia partnership device, Lumia series, Microsoft hasn’t really been in the smartphone game for a while. There were speculations in the market about Microsoft upgrading its Surface Phone series for a relaunch. Although, the rumors have not been substantiated by any credible evidence as of yet.

Looks like after restoring its core business, Microsoft is willing to give smartphones another try. According to a new report from Windows Latest, Microsoft representative has claimed that the Redmon-based giant is actively working on Android-based smartphones that may not be part of the rumored Surface phone lineup. The report further points out to the availability of these android loaded phones on Microsoft stores across the globe.

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The screenshot excerpts from a text conversation with a Microsoft representative reveals that the new line of phone will not be powered by Windows 10, indicating no signs of Lumia’s comeback.

At this point in time, it wouldn’t be wise for any smartphone maker to nurture a new OS ecosystem (besides, Microsoft has already tried Windows and Windows-Like forked Android). So, yeah, if Microsoft is indeed working on a new phone, Android seems to be the only reasonable choice of operating system.

Since there is no official word on the details about the upcoming Microsoft phone release, the specifications for the same cannot be confirmed.

According to a few earlier reports, Microsoft had indicated new Surface projects in consideration, under the code-name Libra. The details of Microsoft’s covert Surface phone project under the label ‘Andromeda’, intended for a 2018 release, has also lately been doing rounds.

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