These days, people are rarely excited about upcoming phones. Indeed, the differences between yearly upgrades have exceedingly reduced to a few updated specifications and minor design refinements that, more often than not, don’t make new flagships stand out.

Which is why to see Vivo put an effort and push the boundaries (quite literally so) with its new Nex phone feels like a refreshing change of pace. The international smartphone maker has made some bold decisions and has added meaningful innovations that are likely to make Vivo Nex one of those rare groundbreaking phones.

It’s not that we are hearing about the Vivo Nex for the first time. In fact, the handset first debuted at CES 2018 as a concept phone ‘Apex’ and drew harmonious gasps of admiration from tech pundits and consumers alike.

The same concept phone later materialized as Vivo Nex for the mass markets and has already been officially introduced in China.

What Makes Vivo Nex Groundbreaking?

But, what is it that makes Vivo Nex so thoroughly enchanting? Well, quite a few things actually.

To start with, the Vivo Nex looks purely stunning. Vivo has managed to push the screen-to-body ratio to a staggering 91.24 percent, which is to say that almost all of what there is on the front is the screen!

Though the battle against bezels has been raging for more than a couple of year now, manufacturers, including the likes of Samsung and Apple, haven’t been able to accomplish such staggering screen-to-body ratios even on their pricey high-end flagships. That’s because to work around essential components that go on the front is easier said than done.

Some manufacturers resort to placing the front camera on the bottom bezel, which involves turning around your phone everytime you take a selfie, while others embrace a cut-out at the top, aka notch, which is workable but not nearly as soothing as a continuous full-view screen.

The Vivo Nex tackles these challenges with aplomb. To start with, it’s the first phone that comes with an elevating pop-up selfie camera. As soon as you switch to the front camera from within the app, the selfie camera pops up automatically. Once you switch the app or camera, the selfie snapper retracts itself and disappears – and it takes less than a second for the camera to be pushed out or to be pulled back in. The smart implementation should also ensure that you won’t be forced to buy an exorbitantly priced case covers.

As for the earpiece, it has been replaced by Screen SoundCasting technology that transforms the entire display into a speaker. The technology consumes very little power, cuts sound leakage, and optimizes audio for better overall experience when the music is playing out loud.

Vivo also made room for an in-display fingerprint sensor below the AMOLED screen. You can simply place your digits on the display to unlock your phone. We have already experienced what that feels like on the Vivo X21, and once you have done that, it’s hard to get back to conventional rear-mounted fingerprint readers.

Uncompromised Through and Through

Continuing with its zero-compromise-stance, the other hardware Vivo employs is equally impressive.

You get the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845 octa-core chipset that assures of smooth and durable performance, deeply integrated AI smarts to simplify everyday usage, a 4000mAh battery, Android 8.1 Oreo-based software, a USB Type-C port, and thankfully, a 3.5mm audio jack.

The point being, the Vivo Nex offers multiple cool factors without holding back in any particular area, and thus establishes Vivo as a leader in innovation. Moreover, going by the China launch, Vivo is almost certain to keep the pricing competitive in India as well!

All of that should explain why we can’t wait to lay our hands on the Vivo Nex. The innovative Vivo flagship will launch in India on July 19. We will be back with more after we have had first-hand experience with the phone, but we are willing to bet that the Nex should be one of the most exciting phones of 2018.

Note: Vivo Nex Pre-booking is now open in India. Those who pre-book can avail an additional discount of Rs 1000 and Rs 5000 extra discount in exchange for your old phone. You can buy Vivo Nex from



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