Google’s project Tango aims to teach your smartphones to open their eyes and look what’s around. The first Project Tango smartphone for consumers is already in sight and it will be coming from Lenovo camp.

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Lenovo has consistently persevered as an innovative smartphone maker, and even when the software side of things are in pretty nascent stages, the Chinese handset maker believes Project Tango can sell phones. Details are still sketchy though. All we know is that the first Lenovo Project Tango phone will be less than 6.5 Inches in size, and will launch globally this summer for around $500.


This should also be based on Qualcomm’s reference design chipset, which is expected to encourage other smartphone manufacturers to jump the ship.

Project Tango lets your smartphone Map 3D space around using cameras and other sensors. This valuable information can then be used in myriad of ways. For example, three people wearing a VR headset can find themselves in the same virtual space, positioned accurately. You could ask your phone if a particular sofa set would fit in your living room or not, and maybe seek precise guidance ( Google Maps can point you to a mall, but with data available from Project Tango, they might be able to guide you to a particular store in that mall).

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To encourage developers to explore these possibilities, Google is also carrying out a contest where developers can submit their games and app ideas. Google and Lenovo will then fund and support the ones they like.

Lenovo isn’t the only one moving ahead with Project Tango. Even Intel announced its first Project Tango Kit for developers, which takes advantage of Intel’s RealSense 3D Camera technology. The 6 Inch prototype is Atom X7-Z8700 processor and 2GB RAM, and will be available first in US.


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