duo (1)Microsoft is gearing up for a hackathon in Russia and is offering a Virtual Reality Kit as a reward to top developers. With this expected VR kit, the Windows maker appears to be heading in the same direction as its competitor Google. Like Google, Microsoft is also using the cardboard to develop virtual reality headsets as appeared in the pictures posted on the event-promoting website. However, the promotional website is now offline. The event is scheduled for October 17 and will take place in the capital city of Moscow.

duoOver the years, the virtual reality had depended upon costly, high-end hardware that is capable of 3D imagery. However, Google with the introduction of its cardboard changed the virtual reality dynamics completely.

Google in its VR kit utilized inexpensive cardboard as its prime material, Microsoft also seems to taken the clue from the search engine giant while creating its own VR Kit. The Microsoft VR kit will use windows based Lumia phone as a display, thus entailing VR benefits to platform loyalist.

However, Microsoft has not testified any information about its VR project.  The company also not cleared the air about any of its plans makes it available for public or not. The major challenge will be to motivate developers to generate enough VR content. Especially since Microsoft has already expressed its disinterest in churning out Lumia phones at high frequency, developers have the even lesser incentive to be enthusiastic.


  1. […] Virtual Reality will be one of the highlights of 2016 as tech giants have found a new battlefield to compete and prove their supremacy. In December, Google introduced a VR content creation app for its Android phone users called Cardboard Camera. The app lets user record 360-degree panoramas (with sound) for viewing it on cardboard VR headsets. With Google Cardboard Camera you can capture immersive family outing images in 3D and rejoice or relive them later. […]


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