iOS 17 Adds Undo Passcode & Reduce Eye Strain Feature

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As the iOS 17 made its debut at the WWDC 2023, Apple is upping its game with new features and more onboard. The latest to add to the lineup is the ability to undo passcode changes and Screen Distance to reduce eye strain.

iOS 17 Gives You 72 Hours to Undo Passcode Change

iOS 17 Undo Passcode

With onset of iOS 17, you can reset your passcode change in case you forget it within 72 hours of setting it up. Consider a situation where you forget or enter a wrong passcode, you will see a ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the bottom. Tap on it and you should get ‘Try Passcode Reset’. The feature lets you enter previously remembered passcodes and set up a new one.

It further lets you change the ability to add previous passcode where you set it up to expire immediately after using it. This is a safeguard in case someone else gets hold of your iPhone and tries resetting the password.

iOS 17 For Eye Strain

As we often forget to limit our exposure to the screen, overexposure leads to eye strain and in extreme cases, nearsightedness. With the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, Apple has worked on a new feature called ‘Screen Distance’. It will help reduce strain on the eyes and diminish the risk of nearsightedness as well.

iOS 17 Protect Your Eye Strain

It uses iPhone’s TruDepth camera to measure the distance between the screen and your eyes. In case the phone is too near for a prolonged time, you will get a notification “iPhone is Too Close”. You will get a warning if the phone is closer than 12 inches and for more than 20 minutes. It is aimed towards reducing strain on the eyes due to overexposure to the screens as it may cause an inability to focus.

iOS 17 is set to arrive across iPhones later this year with the iPhone 15 series arriving this October. It will arrive across iPhone XS and newer with the Beta already available for Apple Developers. The last year’s iOS 16 is currently available across 81% of all supported iPhones to date.

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