Huawei Wireless Quick Charger Review: Perfectly Complements Mate 20 Pro

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Wireless charging has been around for almost a decade now but it still isn’t a replacement for wired options. Unlike the audio jack, there is still time before brands completely ditch charging ports (not for the lack of trying, though). Having said that, recently there has been some positive development on the wireless technology front, and we now have ‘Fast’ wireless chargers that are quite good.

Recently, Huawei launched its 15W Max Quick wireless charger in India which it claims is the fastest wireless charger in the world. The Huawei’s Wireless charger price in India is Rs 3,999 and you may purchase it online on Amazon. Is it really worth it? Let’s find out in our Huawei Wireless Charger Review.

Huawei Wireless Charger (15W) Unboxing: What’s In the pack?

The Huawei’s Qi Super wireless charger comes in a neat, bigger-than-usual pack. Contrary to the impression, the box only contains two useful things, which are:

  • Huawei 15W Wireless Charger
  • USB-A to USB-C cable for power

Of course, there is documentation too.

No, there’s no wall adapter bundled within. Unlike the global variant where a 40W adapter is bundled, Indian buyers will have to use their QC 3.0+ certified charging adapters. Luckily we had Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s 40W adaptor lying around.

Huawei Wireless Super Charger Review: Design and Build

Aesthetically speaking, Huawei’s new wireless charging pad looks inspired from a coffee coaster. We received the white color variant which certainly gels well with our works station and bedroom decor. It’s sleek, slim and certainly has the smallest footprints among all the wireless charger that I have used so far. In fact, when not attached to any cable, it only weighs 78g which means it is easy to carry where ever you go. 

The 15W wireless charger from Huawei has a silicon matte finish grip at the top, which means your smartphone won’t just slip off while ringing or due to the phone’s vibrations. This also makes it prone to dirt and smudges, and a bit tricky to clean. No, you can’t simply wash it as it isn’t waterproof.

There’s a similar grip on the bottom surface, again, just so it doesn’t slip that easy.

The wireless charger has an LED light which is placed oddly under the lip on the front. This out of sort placement means you can’t really see the LED light once the phone is placed on the charging pad.

Huawei decided to opt for a USB Type-C instead of regular micro USB, which makes sense. If you purchased a phone that supports wireless charging in the last 2 years, it must have a Type-C port.

As for build quality, the charger feels solid. All in all, we are very much content with Huawei Wireless Super Charger design and built quality.

Huawei Wireless Charger Review: Performance

In last week or so we tested the Huawei Super Wireless Charger with various Qi compatible devices including Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and Apple iPhone X. We plugged it the using Mate 20 Pro’s 40W wall adapter during our test. These are our findings:

Huawei Mate 20 Pro (4,200 mAh) completed 0 – 100 percent in about 2 hours 38 minutes (approx.). Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (4,000 mAh), on the other hand, took 3 hours 55 minutes to clock 0-100 percent at 10W. Apple iPhone X (2,716 mAh) could only manage to charge at 7.5W speed and it took approx. 3 hours to fully charge a drained out battery.

The charger works when your phone is within a TPU case but the charging speeds seem to take a slight hit. The charger also comes with safety measures like metallic object detection. Huawei has also ensured that the charger can track ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage to adjust power output accordingly.

The regular safety checks like over voltage protection, under voltage protection, and over current protection are all there.

Huawei Wireless Charger Review Verdict: Should You Buy It?

There’s no doubt this is the fastest wireless charger in the market as of today. Having said that, the full potential can only be realized with those Qi compatible devices that can take 15W consistently. At present, only Huawei Mate 20 Pro manages to fulfill this criterion (maybe even Galaxy S10).

It’s still not as fast as conventional wall chargers, but it certainly makes sense for Mate 20 Pro owner to invest in it. Since we need to attend several personal and professional calls through our day, Huawei’s wireless charging adaptor has proved to be quite convenient on our work desk – and that’s mostly because 15W wireless charging is fast enough for me, at least fast enough to overweigh the inconvenience of pulling and plugging the chord every fifteen minutes.

At present, the 15W Huawei Wireless Charger is only available on Amazon India for Rs 3,999.

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