WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps of the time, but we often hear from people that they are unable to use two WhatsApp accounts on a phone. In other words, if you have two WhatsApp numbers, you want to run both of them on a single smartphone. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t permit you to access two separate WhatsApp accounts within the app. So, here we are with the workaround to get Dual WhatsApp working on your mobile phone.

We are sharing steps to run two WhatsApp accounts on smartphones from major brands like Samsung, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, and Xiaomi. Let’s begin.

Run two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung smartphones like this

  • On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings first.
  • Then, move to Settings > advanced features > go to Dual Messenger (Dual Messengers).
  • Here you can toggle on apps that you want to create another account and use with a new account on the same phone.
  • After toggling on WhatsApp, Install the app and go to the phone’s homescreen and open the other icon of the app and create another WhatsApp account with the second number and use it.

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Run two WhatsApp accounts on OnePlus smartphones like this

  • Go to Settings on your OnePlus phone.
  • Within Settings move to Utilities > Parallel Apps > WhatsApp.
  • Here too, when you turn on the toggle, your parallel WhatsApp will be created.
  • Open this new WhatsApp icon, create WhatsApp account with the second number, and use it.

Run two WhatsApp accounts on Vivo smartphones like this

  • On your Vivo handset, go to Settings and choose the app clone option. Here’s the path: Settings > App Clone > WhatsApp.
  • Cloning of this app will start as soon as you choose WhatsApp
  • This will be followed by a duplicate icon of WhatsApp on your homescreen.
  • You can open this WhatsApp icon and create another account with a new number.

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Run two WhatsApp accounts on Redmi smartphones like this

  • On Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones you’ll find the dual apps option in Settings.
  • You will see a preview screen when you select Dual Apps. Here you choose ‘Create’.
  • Choose WhatsApp and press Turn on.
  • The new WhatsApp app icon will appear with a dual app mark.

Run two WhatsApp accounts on Realme smartphones like this

  • Go to Settings on your Realme phone. Then App Management, followed by App Cloner option
  • Choose WhatsApp
  • Once cloned, you will then see two WhatsApp icons on the screen and you can also change the name of this new icon.

As for vanilla or nearly stock Android phones, you can try apps like Dual Space and Parallel Space from Google Play Store for the dual WhatsApp purpose. And in the case of the iPhones, you can use WhatsApp for Business or open the WhatsApp web portal in desktop mode on your iPhone browser.


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