How To Disable Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

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Over the years, WhatsApp has evolved drastically from an instant messaging platform to one of the most influential tools you can use today. It has been adding features every week or so and one such is the read receipts on WhatsApp. In this blog, we will learn what is read receipts and how you can turn them off. 

What are Read Receipts on WhatsApp & Why to turn it off?

Let’s say you sent someone a message. It starts with a single tick (that signifies a message sent), a double Gray tick tells you a message delivered followed by a blue tick that denotes the receipt has read your message. It works both ways whether the person on the other side can tell whether you have read his/her messages or not.

That two blue tick, my friend, is called a read receipt or a visual acknowledgment of messages read. When someone sends you a message, there’s a possibility that you are busy or will reply later. As the sender knows you have read their message and yet not replied, you might come off as rude or insensitive showing no courtesy to respond.

It is also a privacy concern for most users as they might not want others to know if they have checked the messages and when. Luckily, WhatsApp lets you turn off read receipts. Undoubtedly one of the best features, disabling read receipts saves you from embarrassment as well as from being considered rude or even egoistic.

Now that you exactly know what’s read receipts on WhatsApp, let’s see how you can turn it off.

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How To Disable Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

#1: First, launch WhatsApp on your phone.

#2: Head over to the “Settings” located in the top-right corner (Android), and bottom-right corner (iOS).

#3: Tap on the “Privacy” option.

#4: Locate “Read Receipts” which should be enabled/ turned on by default.

#5: Tap on the toggle to turn it off.

Note: Once you have turned off read receipts in WhatsApp, other users won’t be able to tell whether you have checked their messages or not. However, it also means you no longer can see whether other users have checked your messages or not.

Can I Turn Off Read Receipts for Certain Contacts?

We did a step-by-step guide on how to disable read receipts on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform has both features – read receipts for particular users and a global setting for all users.

However, WhatsApp lacks the feature to turn off read receipts for particular users. It means either you can turn off receipts for all contacts or none at all.

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Can I Turn Off Read Receipts for Group Chats?

Although read receipts for group chats on WhatsApp works the same as individual chats – once all participants have seen your message, it shows two blue ticks. However, you cannot disable read receipts for group chats alone. You can either disable it for all users or none at all. However, it doesn’t include group voice messages as that can’t be disabled.

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What Are The Consequences of Turning Off Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

You might ask, what happens if I turn off read receipts in WhatsApp? Here are some possible consequences.

  • You won’t be able to see if others have read your messages or not. Thus, no ‘two blue ticks’ when someone reads your messages.
  • Others won’t be able to tell whether you have read their messages or not. In case you are online at the time when they have opened your chats, you might have to counter why you didn’t reply.

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