How To Disable Read Receipts on Instagram?

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Instagram has Been actively contributing to billions of users with control over their privacy and conversations. The latest to arrive on Instagram is to turn off ‘Read Receipts’ either For a specific user or all users alike.

Instagram Read Receipts & Why You Should Disable It?

What is Read Receipts, you might ask? Instagram’s Read Receipts is a feature that notifies senders when you read their messages. This is what puts a ‘Seen’ sticker below messages when you send an Instagram text to someone. It applies to you as well I.e. if you have read someone’s messages and didn’t respond, the sender will exactly know if you have read this message or not.

Although having such a feature is good but if you don’t want to reply? What if you want some time to come up with an apt response? What if you are busy and will respond later? Having these Read Receipts enabled would trigger a ‘Seen’ sticker to the sender meaning he/she knows you read their messages. It puts you in a tricky situation as you might come out as rude since you saw the message but didn’t respond.

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Luckily, Instagram has added a feature to disable read receipts meaning no one would ever know you read their messages. Now, the platform allows you to set up ‘disabled read receipts’ for a particular user(s) or you can set it up globally which applies to all the users who message you. 

Check out how you can do both in the step-by-step instructions below.

How To Disable Read Receipts for One Chat?

Do you want to disable read receipts for just one user? Here’s how you can do it that will be limited to a specific user only.

#1: On the Instagram app, hit the ‘Message’ icon to launch the inbox.

#2: Head over to the specific conversation that you want to disable read receipts for.

#3: In the Chat window, click on the particular user’s name and head over to ‘Privacy & Safety’.

#4: Toggle ‘Read Receipts’ to turn it ON. 

Note: It should be enabled by default, toggling it will turn on the feature meaning the senders won’t be able to acknowledge whether you have seen the post or not.

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How To Disable Read Receipts for All Chats?

Unlike the last method, this actually disabled read receipts for all the users. It is a complete shutdown so that none of the users will be able to tell whether you read their messages or not. 

#1: Firstly, launch Instagram on your phone.

#2: Head over to your profile.

#3: Head over to the Settings section by tapping on the three vertical lines in the top-right corner.

#4: Find ‘Messages and Story Replies’ from the list of items available.

#5: Head over to ‘Show Read Receipts’ and turn it off.

Note: Once enabled, this overrides the global settings i.e. per-chat settings that you might have followed from the previous method. In case you turn on read receipts for all chats later, even those specific users for whom you had disabled the receipts will be able to tell whether you saw their messages or not.

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