The wireless earphone segment continues to see a meteoric rise and our smartphones are gradually getting better at handling them. The codecs your phone uses to package audio and send it over wirelessly to your headphones can have a notable impact on audio quality, latency, and battery life. However, It’s not always easy to find out what Bluetooth Codec your phone and your headphone are using for communication.

Google’s latest Android 11 brings some much-needed improvements in this regard. The new OS grays out options for Codecs, Bitrate, and sample rates which are not supported by either your phone or your wireless headphones, leading to much better transparency.

Check Bluetooth Codec being used between your phone and earphones

You will first need to pair your Android 11 phone with your wireless earphones or headphones. Next, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings>>About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times to enable developer options. On some interfaces, ‘Build Number’ is listed under About

Step 2: Now open “Developer Option”. You will find the option listed in Settings Menu, mostly under the ‘System’ sub-menu.

Step 3: Now scroll down in Developer Options till you reach Bluetooth related toggles and select Bluetooth Audio Codec

Step 4: From here, you can check Codecs that are supported by both your paired earphones or headphones and your phone.

In the above case, we have paired Vivo V20 with Realme Wireless Buds Pro that supports LDAC. Since the LDAC option is greyed out, we are judging that our phone doesn’t support it. Vivo V20, however, supports Qualcomm’s AptX audio, but that isn’t supported by the Realme Wireless Buds Pro – so that option ends up being greyed out as well.

Check transmission Codec, Bitrate, and Sampling rate

Using developer options, you can not only check the transmission codec supported but also check supported bit-rate and sampling rate. The process detailed above will not reveal the full list of supported Bluetooth Codecs for your phone, but it’s the best you can get for now without rooting your phone.


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