One of the many things you can do with Facebook is make connections. You can literally be in touch with anyone who you know or happens to know via its instant messaging app, Facebook Messenger.

A separate messaging app is a good option for users who hate maintaining their Facebook profile but, primarily use it because of its messaging service. However, the good news is that you can now deactivate your Facebook account and still continue using the Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with people in your network.

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Step 1

If you want to keep your Facebook profile and Messenger separate or if you only want to continue using Facebook’s messenger service, you have to first deactivate your Facebook account – you can do it via its App or Desktop website.

Step 2

Once done, open your Facebook Messenger App and sign in with your Facebook credentials under the I have a Facebook Account option. The follow-up screen will prompt a message that your Facebook account has been deactivated, but you can still use the Facebook messenger to stay connected with your friends.


Step 3

If you don’t have a Facebook Account, which is hard to fathom, you can choose the second option – I Don’t Have a Facebook Account – and enjoy the Messenger service by registering your mobile number on it.

If you are looking to deactivate your account from Desktop the steps are going to be the same, and you can also keep using Facebook Messenger via its desktop site when your account is deactivated.

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