Google Assistant in its short lifespan has matured a lot and today, apart from Simple tasks like setting an alarm or searching something on the web, it can also execute quite a few complex instructions deftly. A few months back Google Assistant leaned a new ability to transcribe voice to send them as allowing users to just send WhatsApp messages by just saying “OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to a contact (read the name of the person you want to WhatsApp) followed by your message.”

A few months back Google Assistant leaned a new ability to transcribe voice and it can now be used to send WhatsApp messages by just taking voice dictations. All you have to say is “OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to <contact>”, followed by your message.

You can also use the assistant to directly send voice messages as well.

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Note: To be able to use this feature, a user must have a smartphone running at least on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. Skip these first three steps if you already have Google Assistant up and running on your phone.

How to send voice messages on WhatsApp using Google Assistant

First step: Open Google apps and spot hamburger menu on the top left corner a tap on that followed by settings.

Second step: Tap on Voice option and select, “Ok Google” detection turn on first options to setup Google Assistant.

Third step: Tap on get started and submit voice samples by saying “Ok Google” three times. If you followed all these steps correctly, your Google Assistant setup is now complete.

Fourth step: All now you have to do now is send a voice message to your friend is shout out “Ok Google send a voice message to (name of the contact).”

Final Step: Now, Google assistant automatically will trigger voice recorder that can record your message up to 30 minutes. Google will automatically sense when you have stopped speaking and will ask you if you want to playback, record again or send it. And with a simple send command, Google will automatically to your friend.

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Currently, it doesn’t support WhatsApp groups, so as of now you can only use it for individual contacts only.

Send Messages and Voice Notes on Whatsapp using Voice Command with Google Assistant

Google assistant has been a great help in performing web searches and executing small tasks. However, with this new ability to send a voice message, Google Assistant is evolving towards solving complex problems which is a good thing.

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