If a large chunk of your professional communication happens on WhatsApp or even otherwise if you wish to take a break and shut your self out in your private space without being anxious about who might come knocking from the distant connected land – you could resort to Automated reply to auto answer Whatsapp messages.

A simple ‘Hi, I am not working today and will get back to you as soon as possible’ could indeed save you and your acquaintance a lot of stress. Here are a few ways you could add automated replies to incoming WhatsApp messages!

Note: For all WhatsApp auto reply apps, you will have to grant ‘Accessibility permission’ to the apps to enable them to read incoming notifications.

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AutoResponder for WhatsApp

This is the geeky AutoReply app that allows users to customized auto reply messages to a great extent. There are two versions of the app. The one listed on Google Play Store requires root, but once you download it on a device without root access, the app will prompt you with a Play store link (unlisted) to a no-root-required version.

So, just download the unlisted version when prompted and you are all set.

Once you install the app, you will have access to a plethora of options. You can define ‘rules’ or certain set cases where you input ignored users, default contacts, and a reply message that’s applicable to those that adhere to the ‘Rule’.

You can also choose specific default and ignored contacts from the settings. For customized reply to specific keywords, you will need the ‘Pro’ version that costs Rs. 130 for generic consumers and Rs. 500 for business users (more than 500 auto replies per day).

If you are running a business related WhatsApp group, this app could be particularly useful.


Auto Reply for WhatsApp

This is a simple app that lets you send automated replies to whats app contacts and groups.

You can type the message you wish to convey in the text field, and choose if you wish the same to go in the WhatsApp groups that you are added in. You can also add time delays before the automated message is pushed.


To stop automated reply, the toggle off ‘Turn On/Off What2Reply service’ option on the top. If you wish to customize your messages further or for specific contacts, check the other apps below.


Auto Reply for WhatsApp by Paresh Patil

This is another similar app by an independent developer that goes by the same name. It does a lot more, though.

Using the app, you can also add a few specific keywords and customize your auto reply for those specific keywords. You can also turn on automated reply for particular contacts and even customize your reply for every contact you add to the list.

When ‘Auto-reply for all messages’ is turned on, you can add Keywords and the associated reply in the text field below.

When the Auto-reply for all messages is turned off, you can add select contacts in the field below and then click on the triple dot menu and choose ‘Explore’ to add customized auto reply WhatsApp message for the particular contact.


Automate WhatsApp replies with these apps

So, if you are a generic user looking for a simple option without complicating your life, Auto Reply for WhatsApp by Paresh Patil feels like a complete solution. If you are tech-savvy or are running a business group where you need to put specific messages to particular queries and statements, AutoResponder for WhatsApp is what you should go for.

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  3. Auto-Reply for whatsapp

    Auto-Reply for WhatsApp empower you to answer to WhatsApp messages automatically, Auto answer for WhatsApp will empower to you set a custom message to reply your WhatsApp messages.

    Naturally, answer to exclusively got WhatsApp messages with the assistance of this application. You have a lot of settings to tweak the bot for your necessities. Simply give it a shot!

    Is it true that you are now and again not by your telephone, but rather need to answer to WhatsApp messages? AutoResponder for WhatsApp does this employment for you. It will consequently react to predefined messages, which contain a few words or equivalent a message.


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