Huawei has unleashed its next Honor flagship, the Honor View 10, in India and it’s quite clear that the company wishes to present a viable challenger to the unbridled never settle flagship, the OnePlus 5T (Review), that enjoys nothing short of a cult following as of today.

The Honor View 10 surely has an uphill battle to face, but its immaculate spec-sheet strongly suggests that it’s certainly up to the task. So, if you are looking for the best value flagship phone, let’s compare OnePlus 5T with Honor View 10 to help you decide which one is a  better mobile phone for you.

Honor View 10 Vs OnePlus 5T Specification

Model Honor View 10 OnePlus 5T
Display 5.99-inch FHD+ display, 18:9 screen aspect ratio, IPS LCD 6-Inch,18:9 AMOLED Display, Full HD+, Gorilla Glass 5
Processor 2.4GHz octa-core Kirin 970 processor, MaliG72 MP12 2.45GHz octa-core Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540 GPU
Internal Storage 128GB, expandable up to 256GB (Hybrid) 64GB (UFS 2.1)
Software Android Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 Android Nougat-based Oxygen OS (Oreo update coming soon)
Primary Camera 20MP and a 16MP with f/1.8 aperture 16MP (f/1.7) + 20MP (f/1.7), EIS
Secondary Camera 13MP, f/2.0 16MP, f/2.0
Others 4G VoLTE, dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Fingerprint sensor, IR blaster, NFC, USB Type-C 4G VoLTE, dual-band WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, Fingerprint sensor, NFC, USB Type-C with OTG, Alert slider
Battery 3750mAh battery with fast charging 3300mAh, Dash charging
Price Rs. 29,999 Rs.32,999

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Design and Build

The OnePlus 5T and Honor View 10 both are quite premium, slim and ergonomic phones with full view screens and full metal bodies. Both phones also come bundled with a protective case in the box. While you won’t be disappointed by either of the two phones, there certainly are more than a few things to choose between.

The OnePlus 5T has a dedicated alert slider and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The 5T also benefits from custom OnePlus made cases and covers (that you have to buy separately). OnePlus 5T also has a screen-protector pre-installed on top of the Gorilla Glass 5.

The Honor View 10, on the other hand, still manages to make room for a front fingerprint sensor and also has an IR blaster on top. Unlike the base variant of OnePlus, it’s also available in two color options: Midnight Black and Navi Blue. On the downside, the protruding dual rear cameras on the Honor View 10 just looks ugly and there is no Gorilla glass protection. The Face Unlock on the phone will be fully functional after a future update.

OnePlus 5T

  • Alert slider
  • Pre-installed screen protector
  • Gorilla Glass 5 on the display
  • Custom cases and covers (sold separately)

Honor View 10

  • Two color options
  • Front fingerprint sensor
  • IR blaster


Once again, both devices have excellent 18:9 Full HD+ display panels. But in this regards, we have a clear winner, the OnePlus 5T.

That’s primarily because OnePlus is using an excellent quality AMOLED screen from Samsung, and we’d choose the characteristic AMOLED traits like deep contrast, vivid colors over IPS LCD in premium phones any day.

Besides, OnePlus has several accurate color-presets (including DCI-P3 and sRGB mode) to suit all tastes. It also has a pretty cool Reading mode that adjusts the color temperature based on ambient light.

The Honor View 10 has its advantages too. Since it has an IPS LCD screen, the Full HD+ resolution feels sharper. The software also allows you to manually alter color temperature and hues. Besides, the display has wide viewing angles too.

OnePlus 5T

  • Better contrast
  • Lighter on eyes
  • Accurate color profiles to choose between

Honor View 10

  • Sharper
  • wide viewing angles

Camera performance

The OnePlus 5T has 16MP primary rear camera coupled with a 20MP sensor for low light (that fires in extremely low light). Both sensors benefit from wide f/1.7 aperture optics. On the other hand, the Honor View 10 combines a 20MP monochrome and a 16MP color sensor, each with f/1.8 aperture lens, and that helps it deliver better details.

In broad daylight, images clicked on OnePlus 5T shows more accurate metering and colors and also wide dynamic range. The Honor View 10 will give you slightly better details. In low light, the Honor View 10 manages better images. The AI smarts that help it recognize objects in the viewfinder and change camera settings accordingly works like a charm too.

The OnePlus 5T also has a better portrait mode and a better selfie camera to offer.

OnePlus 5T

  • Better portrait mode
  • Better selfie camera


Honor View 10

  • Better low light performance
  • AI helps to enhance photography in a meaningful way

Performance, Software, and Battery

Both the OnePlus 5T and Honor View 10 are blazing fast. In terms of performance hardware, both phones offer class-leading chipsets with 6GB RAM. We are not yet sure if the View 10 has the same high-quality LPDDR4X RAM as on OnePlus 5T, though.

The Honor View 10 offers 128GB of storage, which is double the 64GB available on the base OnePlus 5T variant, but that’s not much of an advantage as the OnePlus uses much better quality and faster UFS 2.1 storage, and that shall definitely prove to be a big advantage in the long run.

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Honor also claims that its AI enabled chips can allocate resources based on usage pattern to prevent your phone from slowing down for months. While all this sounds lucrative, there is no way to verify these claims just yet and we wouldn’t base our buying decision on this. At least not this year.

As for software, the OnePlus 5T has a clear advantage (The Oreo update is underway too). Its simple, light, yet efficient Stock Android is extremely convenient to use and elevates the overall experience a great deal. The Honor View, on the other hand, comes with several pre-loaded apps or bloatware and can’t quite match up to the Oxygen OS in terms of experience. The View 10 has more features (many of which are gimmicky) and can certainly feel overwhelming.

The battery backup on both phones is again comparable with OnePlus 5T having a slight edge. Both phones support fast charging but the Dash Charging on OnePlus 5T is faster.

OnePlus 5T

  • Better software
  • Faster and better quality UFS 2.1 storage
  • Slightly better battery performance
  • Better community support

Honor View 10

  • AI features (The camera related AI makes most sense)
  • more storage
  • MicroSD card slot (Hybrid)


This was a close one. While both phones come remarkably close, we are overall more inclined towards the OnePlus 5T.

What works for Honor View 10: The Honor View 10’s biggest advantage is that it’s able to offer comparable Flagship experience for a lower price. Compared to OnePlus 5T, it also offers better low light camera performance and has a front fingerprint sensor.

What works for the OnePlus 5T: Overall, we are more inclined towards the OnePlus being overall the better phone. It has an AMOLED display, faster storage, better selfie camera and better battery and software experience. It is the more expensive one of the two, though.

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