Huawei’s Honor 7X is one of the most popular affordable phones these days and that’s primarily because of the illustrious specs it offers (on paper) and the modern trends – full-view screen, dual cameras- that it integrates at an aggressive price.

But before you go ahead and jump the gun, you should be acquainted with the other facet of the Honor 7X experience and know about things that simply don’t click. So let’s enumerate 7 Honor 7X issues or flaws that you need to be wary of.

Camera Performance

Honor 7X does have dual cameras, but the extra sensor is used only for depth sensing or adding background blur in closeup shots. Which would have been fine had the bokeh mode worked efficiently. The camera performance is reasonable in good lighting, but in low light and indoors, the camera struggles. A lot.

Images clicked indoors lack details and have abundant noise. And since most images are clicked indoors, this is certainly a potential deal breaker.

If the camera is your first priority, you’ll be better off with Xiaomi’s Mi A1 that can offer better portrait shots, better normal low light shots, and even includes 2X optical zoom that comes in handy every now and then.

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Not for Gaming

While the Kirin 659 chipset used on the Honor 7X can handle day-to-day usage well, high-end gaming performance is not up to the mark. The gameplay isn’t smooth with games like Asphalt 8 and there are noticeable frame drops too. Even casual games like Subway surfer didn’t run smoothly at times.

If you are not much into gaming, you can still consider it as an option, but if you often play games on your phone, you’d be better off with other Snapdragon 625 phones retailing in the same budget.

EMUI 5.1 – Freeze and app crashes

Huawei EMUI software has definitely evolved in the right direction over the last few years, and the EMUI 5.1 ushers more features and refinements. However, there are kinks that Huawei needs to iron out.

We experienced frequent app crashes on the Honor 7X in our time with the phone. Besides, the EMUI software is a bit too aggressive with resource management which results in overall choppy experience. Having said that, this is something Huawei is likely to fix in future updates.

Hybrid SIM Slot

Since most of us need to use two SIM cards these days, Hybrid SIM slot isn’t much different than not having a card slot at all. If you are willing to spend 15,999 INR for the 64GB Honor 7X variant, this might not be much of an issue.

But the base Honor 7X variant comes with 32GB storage out of which only around 22GB is free for users. In the long run, this could be a problem for anyone who needs to use 2 SIM cards.

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No Gyroscope

The Honor 7X is also missing the Gyroscope sensor which is to say, that you won’t be able to run VR apps on the phone. So, if you have been waiting to try Virtual Reality and VR headsets on your next phone, you must know that all such apps won’t work on the Honor 7X.

Audio quality

Another key area where Honor 7X falters is audio quality. The loudspeaker on the phone isn’t very loud and also the quality of the audio via loudspeaker and via headphones isn’t anywhere close to what we experienced on phones like Mi A1 or Moto G5s Plus.

No fast charging

The 3340mAh battery on the Honor 7X can comfortably last for a day, but it doesn’t support fast charging. This, perhaps, shouldn’t be a deal breaker in this budget, but nevertheless, it’s an omission you need to be aware of to make an informed choice.

Reasons to not buy Honor 7X

The Honor 7X does all things right on paper, but the overall experience feels a bit lackluster in practice. At the end of the day, the only thing that unequivocally works in its favor is its design and 18:9 display. If you are willing to live with a 16:9 panel, Xiaomi’s Mi A1 is a better option in this budget (and the one we’d personally recommend). If an 18:9 display panel is something you don’t want to miss out on at any cost, you can go ahead and consider it as an option.

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  1. This cons is normal under this price, but i have heard about flickering problem during use youtube. so is it ok or not. and i want also know that is it better than vivo y69.

  2. I Agree but while thinking about the negative of honor 7x, does your mind also considering the price of the handset? Facilities is as per cost of handset, want better specifications, obviously the price also increases :-). Even I have iPhone 7 where the cost is too high and the charging time is slightly lesser than honor 7x. I am happy with this handset, honor 7x with respect to money I spent otherwise I would have taken Google pixel or iPhone 8

    • Cons we have talked about are keeping the price in mind and compared to other competitors in the same budget. But yes, you are right there are reasons to buy Honor 7X as well, the design and display are its advantages (As we have mentioned towards the end of the article).


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