Grammarly, a popular chrome extension used for grammar checking, is now available as a keyboard for Android and iOS. If you are frequently in a position where you need to engage with official communication from your phone, this is something that can be of immense benefit.

How’s to get Grammarly on Android and iOS phones?

You can simply download Grammarly keyboard for Android and iOS. The interface is similar to Google Gboard, and every time you need help typing accurately, you can switch between Gboard and Grammarly keyboard by long pressing the Space key.

Corrections are displayed in the bar above the keyboard and you can tap and pick them if needed. Typos are also underlined in red and you can tap them to choose between suggestions.

You can also type on the ‘G’ icon if you need an explanation for error being pointed out.

You can access keyboard settings and preferences from the Grammarly app in your launcher’s app drawer (or on the home screen). If you log-in using the same account as on your PC, you can also sync your personal dictionaries.

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Does Grammarly keyboard support Swype typing or glide input?

No, but Grammarly is working on it and the functionality will be added soon.

Does Grammarly keyboard work better than auto-correct?

The Grammarly Keyboard analyses what you have written and gives unobtrusive suggestions at the top. The benefits of using Grammarly are that it can understand a bit of context, confused prepositions, Repetitive words, incorrect punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. – which is more than what you’d get with autocorrect.

For anyone who’s used to Grammarly for proofreading of official content and communication, this shall prove to be a handy mobile tool.

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