Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai has reportedly planned to visit India in mid-December to meet President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On this visit, Pichai is also expected to revamp and re-launch Android One program, as per media reports.

If these reports are to be believed, Google is planning a media event on December 16 where Google will talk about where it’s Android One initiative, meant to provide speedy Android updates to budget phones, is heading.


“At Google, we believe that technology can change people’s lives for the better. Indians are coming online at an astonishing rate with affordable smartphones. These new users have a completely fresh view on what the Internet has to offer. Please block your date for an event with Google as we outline our vision for these users,” states the media invite.

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Google rolled out its ambitious Android One project first in India, followed by several other markets. The search engine giant collaborated with domestic manufacturers to launch number of similar looking smartphones running unadulterated stock Android software, laden with the promise of speedy updates. However, it failed to receive expected response and gradually fizzled out. The Lava Pixel V1 launched as the second gen Android One devices failed to garner any attention.

Apparently, Google isn’t giving up just yet and is willing to give more freedom to Android vendors regarding what components they use and where they buy them from, reports WSJ. Also, Google will soon release another low-cost Android One phone in partnership with Lava appertaining to the new approach.


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